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You never know who is around the table:

The Hottest Amateur Poker Players out there

After awhile of looking at some of the hot professional poker ladies, you may want to jump in and check out the Amateur players. They may surprise you. After all we are here to share all hotties in one spot.


Here is our very own poker Hottie. Her name is Heaven and she has been playing poker for about five years. This young lady has a great game to go along with a great face. You can find her articles in several areas on the site including our poker blog. Have a look around, she may make an All in move more exciting for you next time.


Here is an old school poker amateur who came to us back in 2005. We are not exactly sure what happened to her after we lost communication with her in 2006. She was an avid poker player and could be seen in Vegas quite often in the mid stakes games. We wish her well.

Playing Poker Online

Since it’s inception over 10 years ago, online poker has seen a lot of different obstacles. has been online since 2004 helping players not only find the right online poker room to play at, but also provide strategy on how to win. The landscape will continue to change as we move forward into the gaming future. We plan on being here for the long haul helping one player at a time.