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The number one Poker Stars Bonus Codes

Year: 2001
Version: 3.543
Cash Code: PSP2549
Software: PokerStars Network
Size: 8.6MB
Features: Over 200k players online at one time. Huge Poker Tournaments.
Rating: Review


Besides being the biggest online poker room on the planet, has a way to bring in more players then any other room. Maybe it’s the total amount of players that are playing at one time or maybe it’s their superior customer service. One thing is for certain, Poker Stars knows how to make a poker player happy.

If you are new to online poker or just new to, it is imperative that you use the correct Bonus Codes and Marketing Codes. This will assure you get the most of your initial deposit. Poker Stars is offering a 100% match up to $600. This is a load of free poker cash for any player in the game.

How do you get Free money?

This is a pretty simple process. All you have to do is use the links on this site and fill out your account information. While you are filling out your name and email, you come to a part where it says, ENTER Marketing Code if Available. Well, it’s available and it is listed in the image below. Once this field is populated you will get the proper bonus amount added to your account when you make that first deposit.

Marketing Code = PSP2549

Poker Stars Marketing Code

To start playing a or check out other poker bonus codes at other sites. You may also want to read our complete review, if you are still unsure about the site or anything related.

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