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Beezid ( is a penny auction site for penny auction experts and beginners alike. With some of the best items on the web up for auction, you can find some great deals on Beezid’s site. They carry electronics, kitchen wares, gift cards, and even sporting equipment, thus making their site a great place to get almost anything you can think of at a super low cost.

Beezid Promo Codes

The trick with penny auctions is to enter the auction at a point where you will spend as few bids as possible. Of course, there are many ways to achieve this. Some folks believe that by spending a lot on a few auctions they can save money on future auctions since people will be scared to bid against them. On a site like Beezid, this can be an advantageous strategy, but you need to be prepared for the high startup cost associated with this. If you lose the auction, you can lose a lot of money, so you need to be mentally prepared for this outcome.

On Beezid, you can also bid on more bids. This can become a great way to ensure a profit since you will likely be getting bids at below cost. It also gives you a cushion in case you end up using more bids on an auction than you originally allotted yourself. Bidding on more bids can also backfire, so you want to be sure that before you begin you have a winning strategy. Try out different techniques on some of Beezid’s less popular auctions before you jump into the highly contested ones. Beezid’s Cherry Auctions are especially designed for those that have never won an auction on their site and can help you to gain the experience you need in a less competitive venue. Great items can be found in these beginner’s auctions so you don’t need to worry about bidding upon an item you don’t necessarily want.(Read More…)

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