Low Limit Poker

How to Play and Win in Low Limit Poker with AXs

If you are new to Texas Holdem, it is a good strategy to go through the following discussion and learn about playing and winning strategies with AXs. First of all, you need to understand that AXs means a pair of ace with any of the cards below 10. Playing these pairs right can help you win loads of prize money; however, any wrong move can cause equivalent losses. So, here are few guidelines to make right use of AXs and come out smiling.

Consider the Position

Your position on the poker table, combined with AXs pair in your hand, can play a significant role in deciding your winning probability. It is not in your favor to have a starting position while holding AXs. At the starting position, you can’t know what players ahead you hold in their hands and also, the chances of bad flop. AXs at middle or late position can favor your luck, as you can take advantage of flush draw in that case.

Handling the Flush Draw

A flush draw is certainly the favorable position for a poker player holding AXs pair. To possess this strong hand, you are required to have at least 2 cards in the flop that match the suit you are holding. If that happens and you are fortunately at the late position on a poker table, consider it as a favorable point for your game. Betting or raising at this point can help you dominate the game and probably win it like a professional. The trick is that other poker players will check you at this position and you can either bet or check to see the river for free. You will see this type of play at pokerstars.net all the time.

Adding Value to Betting Style

Consider the number of players sitting on the poker table with you.

• If the number is less, you can consider it as appropriate to bet or even raise while holding the AXs pair. The possession of flush draw can further add privilege to your game at this very point.

• Keep in mind there is 2:1 odds situation, if you choose to make flush by river.
• If there are at least 3 poker players, who opt to call, nobody can stop you from winning the impressive amount of money and you are not even required to make flush to make it happen.
• Too much of betting or raising can actually go against your game. Be sure to maintain balance in your betting style.

Ace Accompanied with Flush

While holding the AXs pair, if an ace enters the pot, the game can go against you and this can lead to huge losses. Here are two alternatives left for you:

• If you are playing with more then few players, chances of having an ace increase. So, it is better to check and fold.
• However, with less poker players, you can consider betting or raising to evaluate the situation on the board.

In any case, if you are not confident enough to be, it is better to wait for another flush opportunity. Use all the tips mentioned above once again and wait for the luck to favor you.

Playing Poker Online

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