Our Responsible Gaming Act

Only play with money you can afford to lose

The Tips4Poker Poker Act
Making sure our visitors play smart and responsible.  We feel Poker is a game of skill making it a bit different then other forms of gambling. But, there are plenty of ways where one can get over their head when playing poker.  The key is to act responsibly.

Why do we have this page on our site?

We all know when it comes to gaming online or in a casino play, money can be lost much quicker then it’s won. This is why we want to make sure all players are doing the right thing when it comes to playing poker.  Running bad is inevitable in poker.  Bad Beats with large pots will occur all the time as well.  It’s controlling what happens after you’ve taken a bad loss or have had a bad run. This is where certain troublesome habits will trigger.

Here some highlighted items that surround Responsible Poker playing:

1. Too much time of anything is not good for you.  Know when to stop.  Set a time limit and a loss limit.

2. Know your limits on both the losing and winning side.

3. Know what kind of mood you’re in.  If you’ve been drinking or having a bad day then take the day off from playing poker.

4. Don’t lose more than you can afford.  Don’t supply your bankroll with your next month’s rent thinking you will double up. Bad Bad Bad.

5. Take advantage of spending limit indicators the poker rooms have to stop you from making a bad decision when you run low on funds.

Don’t try and play unless you meet the required age.  This is not worth messing with online and offline.  You’ll have plenty of time when you get older to play poker, so just be patient and stick to your home games.


If you have an issue with Gambling, here are some resources you can use to help level out your problem.  Of course you always have Gamblers Anonymous to fall back on.

National Council on Problem Gambling

Videos from others and people that may be able to help you.

The number one thing when playing poker is to have fun, but always remember there are plenty of scenarios that can come up to make it a problem in the future.  Stick to your guidelines and play smart and you shouldn’t have a problem.  We don’t like to say good luck in poker, but sometimes you definitely need it.

Playing Poker Online

Since it’s inception over 10 years ago, online poker has seen a lot of different obstacles. Tips4poker.com has been online since 2004 helping players not only find the right online poker room to play at, but also provide strategy on how to win. The landscape will continue to change as we move forward into the gaming future. We plan on being here for the long haul helping one player at a time.