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Online Poker TournamentsApril 18th, 2006
Million Dollar Poker FreeRoll

It seems like everyone is creating a million dollar Freeroll online. UltimateBet is the latest site to offer a chance at a million dollars. To qualify, you have to place in the top 100 during the several daily events or qualify during the weekly events. The first entry is free, but then it will cost you Ultimate points to enter the other daily qualifying FreeRolls. These points can be earned quite easily, so you can enter several times to qualify. Good luck.

Online Poker TournamentsApril 6th, 2006
Chip And A Chair

The late great Jack Strauss was the reason the phrase “Chip and a chair” was coined back in 1982. In the WSOP he thought he pushed all his chips into the pot and lost the hand. Once he got up from the table he realized there was one $500 chip under his cocktail napkin. It turns out he wasn’t completely committed to the pot since he never said he was allin. Two days later that 1 chip turned into the World Series of Poker Championship. Go figure. Now it is your turn to make it happen for you. All poker sites are offering WSOP qualifiers for this years events. Now is the time to start. Good luck.

Online Poker TournamentsMarch 21st, 2006
Know The Odds

How many people know the poker odds when playing those big hands? Probably a lot more than you think. All thanks to Texas Calculatem, you too can get the best odds on all your monster hands. Some people say, how can this help me? How about not wondering what your odds are and having them answered for you in seconds. Online Poker requires an edge. Don’t you think it’s time you sharpen your skills. The best part about Texas Calculatem is that it is FREE. Try Now.

Online Poker TournamentsMarch 12th, 2006 – Are You Kidding Me??

This chick thinks she runs the Internet. Cindy Margolis loves telling people how she is the number one downloaded person online. Does that really mean anything? Now that she has her own pokerroom, we’re sure her downloads will go up exponentially, yea right. Fine, she is an attractive women, but she is really annoying. Will she attract some suckers into her room, sure. Why the hell would you want to play there? You think she is going to come over and share her tips with you. Maybe she will send you a thank you downloaded picture for signing up. Have fun with that one.

Online Poker TournamentsFebruary 22nd, 2006
Bodog and Reality TV?

Well, you have to admit, Bodog definitely takes mainstream strides to be number one. Obviously this exposure must bring new action not to mention brand recognition. Could you imagine playing in a reality poker tournament. We have 10 Pros, 10 Celebrities, and 20 Bodog poker players competing for $500,000. Sounds like a dream come true for all you Reality TV lovers. Most likely it will flop, but at least they are trying something different. Have fun. For more information, check out the Bodog website.

Online Poker TournamentsFebruary 10th, 2006
What Is February All About?

It is 32 degrees outside and the wind chill is making it feel like 25. The football season is over and the NBA sucks. College basketball doesn’t HEAT up until March. What are you going to do about this uneventful month? There is only one thing that will keep you entertained and that is diving into a nice game of poker. Whether you have friends to get together with, a casino within an hour or online, there is a way to play poker. There are plenty of options, so don’t make an excuse about how cold it is outside. See you at the tables.

Online Poker TournamentsFebruary 4th, 2006
Super Bowl Sunday

After many weeks of hard playing the Steelers and Seahawks will meet in Super Bowl Forty. The money is moving toward Pittsburg, but don’t sleep on Seattle. This is going to be one of those Super Bowls where you really have no idea what is going to happen. You may be better off just sticking to a box or two in your party’s pool. While the big game is going on, you may be interested in the Lingerie Bowl hosted by Bodog. This is shaping up as a real interesting event. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know how your Super Bowl Party was.

Online Poker TournamentsJanuary 30th, 2006
Who Needs Football

This is the first Sunday in over 4 months that football isn’t on TV. What are we going to do? I’ll tell you what you’re going to do. You’re finally going to setup that Neteller account and make a deposit to an online poker room. It is that simple. Easy as pie. Play chips will only keep you entertained for so long. Start off with a Sit and Go tournament and then try some cash games. February is upon us and the weather outside is pointing to your computer. Preview our site and try out all the different online poker rooms. There are plenty of bonuses to be found. If you have any questions come join our forums.

Online Poker TournamentsBodog poker January 23rd, 2006
UltimateBet Bonus Code is offering one of the greatest deals on the market and you only have a few days left to take advantage. This deal gives you a 100% bonus on your money. That’s right, 100%. If you deposit $500 then you receive a $500 bonus. Come join Ultimatebet and start playing poker with some of the big names in the game. People such as Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke are frequent visitors and are always playing with the rest of the community. Our staff gives UB a big thumbs up.

Online Poker TournamentsJanuary 15th, 2006
Poker Titan = Titan Poker

If you haven’t started playing Titan Poker, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Starting today, you will get a first deposit bonus of 50%. This is one of the largest poker bonuses in the market. Don’t forget is hosting a $100,000,000 jackpot tournament. This is by far the biggest prize pool potential ever. It has the name World’s Largest FreeRoll. Come to Titan Poker now and see what all the hype is about.

Online Poker TournamentsJanuary 5th, 2006
Bodog Poker Tournament

Just in case you are not watching the NFL playoffs this weekend, you may want to consider the best poker tournament running. Bodog has a 2:00PM tournament that has a guaranteed prize pool of $100K every Sunday. The best part about this BodogPoker Tournament is the extra cash that gets thrown in. Lately there has been a 35% overlay, meaning about 35% of the money is entered by Bodog themselves. The less amount of people in the tournament the better chances you have. Give it a shot and let us know how it works out.

Online Poker TournamentsDecember 30th, 2005
Poker Bonus Codes

What are they? Do they have power? Put it this way, just when your bankroll is about to become zero after a bad beat, the bonus kicks in and saves you. Almost all rooms offer a bonus code or some kind of link that allows you to earn extra cash on your money. For example, Ultimatebet offers 40% on your initial deposit up to $200. So if you made a deposit of $500, you will receive an extra $200. The catch to bonuses is that you have to play a certain amount of raked hands to release these bonus dollars into your account. Make sure you check the requirements before you start calling your 7-2off. If you have any questions about bonuses or if you need a high priced poker bonus code, just send us an email. Don’t forget about Reload bonuses as well.

Online Poker TournamentsDecember 20th, 2005
Texas Calculatem

You better know your poker odds these days. As the completion gets more fierce everyday it is important to try and get a little bit of an edge. You can start with the best odds calculator on the market. Texas Calculatem is free when simple requirements are achieved. It only makes sense to find out what this product is all about. We at Tips For Poker know the power of calculating our odds, shouldn’t you? If you have any questions let us know.

Online Poker TournamentsDecember 13th, 2005
Poker Rakeback

Talk to us NOW about how you can start receiving your poker rakeback. We will go over in detail with you on how to set your account up. It only takes a few minutes so the time is well worth it. What would an extra $20, $50, $100, or even $1000’s of dollars do for you. Why not get back a piece of your own pie. To find out more select the live help icon to the left of this message. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Online Poker TournamentsDecember 7th, 2005
The World’s Best FreeRoll

How would you like to take part in a $100 million jackpot tournament? Titan Poker and Noble Poker have decided to jointly offer this event. The FreeRoll will guarantee $500,000 in cash prizes to the players and the final table will have a chance to win the jackpot. There is only one way to earn the jackpot prize. One of the players at the final table will have to hit a royal flush of spades. Obviously the odds are ridiculous, but at least you can try for free. With 7 other jackpot prizes equaling over $3 million, it only makes sense to find out more. Come to today and qualify for free.

Online Poker TournamentsDecember 1st, 2005
Let’s Talk Rakeback

Instead of starting our rakeback program in January, we decided to share this amazing program with you today. Until we have our site wide update done, the only way to receive this is by emailing us. We will then send you an invitation in which you can select from 4 different poker rooms. These are the best rakeback percentages in the industry. Email us today. If you don’t know what rakeback is, then request more information in your email. We look forward to this program and think this will be a great addition to the Tips for Poker site.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 28th, 2005
Free Bankroll

Are you afraid to make that initial deposit to an online poker room. Why waste your time learning with play money, when you can start learning for free using real money. Sign up at Royal Vegas Poker and you are guaranteed $10, for just signing up. You can play some low stakes poker until you feel comfortable with the room. You can then make your first deposit soon after you start winning and want to play higher stakes. Royal Vegas is in the fifth largest poker network, right behind Partypoker and Pokerstars. It only makes sense to start with free money. You can start today by playing poker here.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 24th, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving

Unbelievable how time flies. Another Thanksgiving and the poker industry is still booming. Tips4poker wants to thank all of it’s visitors and we appreciate you stopping by on a continuous basis. We are planning a major renovation over the next couple of months so be sure to check in for updates. Our rakeback program is going to be the best in the industry so prepare yourself for some great online poker. Enjoy your Turkey and all the other good foods and don’t be afraid to play some poker after the food is gone.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 22nd, 2005
Rakeback Rakeback Rakeback

Did someone say rakeback? Starting early December, Tips For Poker will start offering rakeback to some of the best online poker rooms. If you are unaware of what rakeback is please join our forum. Please stay tuned as we finalize our partnerships. If you can’t wait for the information, please contact us by email. We look forward to this offering and expect to have the best rakeback program on the market. See you at the tables.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 13th, 2005
PartyGaming Makes Their Move

It hasn’t even been six months since online poker company PartyGaming’s IPO. Realizing the competition is growing around them, they decided to acquire some of their competitors. The funny thing about this deal is the two companies they purchased were actual partners until a couple of months ago. Purchasing Multipoker and Intertops poker adds around 300,000 poker players to it’s large poker room. For just about 18 million dollars, this deal seems like a no brainier. The big news in this deal is what will happen to its other partner EmpirePoker. Left stranded with only there own players, Empire seems like a ghost town. This is obviously a strategic move causing Empire Poker shares to keep dropping. It’s just a matter of time until Party eats them up or spits them out. Hang on, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 10th, 2005
How To Make A Deposit?

Online poker rooms have made it easy to make deposits to your account. Almost all rooms accept credit cards however, the USA credit cards will most likely fail due to the legitimacy of the transaction. If credit cards worked, there would probably be twice as many players online today. You do have alternatives that are quite easy to setup and are very secure. Our favorites include: Neteller, FirePay, IGM-Pay, and Phone Connect Card. All have there advantages and disadvantages. They all offer immediate deposits and fairly quick withdrawals. The one that stands out the most is the IGM-Pay method. This is an electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly from your checking account. This is a 3rd party banking site, that offers you the security you are looking for and the best part is that it’s FREE. All the other forms of payments have fees attached. Research all your options and choose what is right for you. Don’t be nervous to make that first deposit. Good Luck.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 6th, 2005

If there is a bigger asshole than Terrell Owens, please come forward and tell us about him. The sporting news this week was about how Terrell Owens called the Philadelphia Eagles organization the pits and how he would rather be playing with Brett Farve. This is one story that will eventually die off, but until it does, Mr. Awesome is going to have center stage. The best wide receiver in the NFL has been suspended indefinitely by the Eagles. Some people see this as a great move, but deep inside we all know how much this team really needs TO. Can you imagine if TO was at your poker table. The trash talking would be almost to hard not to walk away from. Anyway, good luck Birds.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 3rd, 2005
Midnight Baseball

One of the better wild card poker games turns to reality. If you haven’t played Day or Midnight baseball poker, then you should try it at your next poker night. We at least know one major leaguer knows what it is. Maybe it’s the big lights, big city environment, but we do know Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez likes to spend some money at the poker table. Can you imagine having a piece of his millions? You know he’s not playing at a $2/$4 limit table. His tables are probably more like $500/$1000, otherwise the game won’t be worth his time. He’s been warned in the past for showing up at New York City Poker Clubs, so I guess its just a matter of time until he gets busted. Who knows, he might end up at next years World Series of Poker.

Online Poker TournamentsNovember 1st, 2005
Free College Tuition Playing Poker

How would you like to have your college tuition paid for by winning a poker tournament? Well, you just missed your chance. Absolute Poker was offering free college tuition to one lucky student. This tournament was a legit way to pay for school. It would have been nice if they offered this type of activity 10 years ago. Oh well. We would like your opinions about these type of events. Come to the Tips For Poker forum and let us know what you see happening in future poker tournaments.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 29th, 2005
Ultimate Buddy Is The Bomb

How do you increase the entertainment value in online poker? Whether you are just starting out or have played for years, poker rooms are coming up with new things to raise the fun factor. Poker is a serious game for both newbie’s and professionals. One tool that can help make online poker work for you as well as increase the entertainment value is Ultimate Buddy. UltimateBet has created a program that tracks all the players you want to watch or play with. Serious players look for fish, while casual players look for friends and sharks (AKA- Professionals). The program works similar to any Instant Messenger program, but doesn’t allow you to chat. It let’s you know who is online and what table they are playing. The network, including PokerShare and Green Tie Poker have exclusive rights to this program. Remember, poker is even more fun with the right help.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 27th, 2005
TV Poker Ratings Are Down

Why do you think the TV ratings are down across the board? Could it be like any good thing? TV has tried to make poker the next best thing to reality TV. Some people like reality TV, while others despise it. Tips For Poker loves poker on TV, but finds it below the rankings of Curb You Enthusiasm. You flip through the channels any night of the week and you’ll most likely find a poker event going on. Whether it’s the WSOP, Celebrity Poker, or The World Poker Tour there has been an obvious push to get as many programs on the air as possible. Does it get boring after a while?, YES. Why, because it’s the same thing over and over again. Should they keep airing these events?, of course. This is what is going to keep the poker industry thriving. Do we need all these events aired, NO. Poker on TV will still exist, we just don’t need to see Jeff Gordon push Joey Fatone all-in.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 23rd, 2005
PartyGaming Revenues Soar 32%

One of the most anticipated Stock IPO’s of the year proves there is still room for growth in the crowded online poker industry. Since going public in June 2005 PartyGaming (PartyPoker) shares have dropped nearly 50%. With a market cap of $5.5 billion, PartyPoker is set for a very good 2006, whether the industry slows or not. People still think it’s the number one poker room. When John Simmons, of Fort Hancock Texas was asked where he plays online, he responded “Party Poker of Course”. We asked why and John said “the volume of traffic and the security are why I keep going back.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 21st, 2005
It’s Time You Learn The Odds

Since we started working with Texas Calculatem about a year ago, we’ve noticed how our poker games have improved. Using this odds calculator at any poker room you desire, gives you an advantage that others may not have. While playing over 100 hands an hour, it is quite difficult to determine the odds of every hand. Texas Calculatem lays the odds out right in front of you, instantly. It also keeps us out of the hands that always hurt us. At this time, Texas Calculatem has decided to give it away free. That’s right, Free. Come see how you can start learning the odds and winning more pots.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 18th, 2005
AOL Offers Free Online Poker

Even AOL is jumping on the Poker bandwagon, by offering free online poker to it’s AIM users. Player’s will be allowed to create private tables and tournaments with their buddy list’s. AOL teamed up with Harrah’s Entertainment to provide this service. The most important thing about this partnership are the 12 free seats to next years World Series of Poker. Assuming they don’t run into legislation snags, AOL is guaranteeing 12 seats to it’s online users. Pretty exciting stuff from a family oriented company.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 13th, 2005
The WSOP Main Event On ESPN

We got to see a little bit of what really happened at this years World Series Of Poker. They showed two days of action and hardly enough hands to highlight the size of this event. The feature table seemed to be rigged as well, bringing in some big name players to increase TV ratings. Greg Raymer was catching all the cards just like last year. We’ll have to wait and see what the next couple of days show. This enormous field will really start to dwindle soon, so hopefully the action will intensify. If you don’t know who won, then you’re better off watching every episode to see how it plays out.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 10th, 2005
PartyPoker Says Goodbye To Their Partners

We don’t know why Party Poker decided to drop their affiliate skins, but the lobby is now half the size. Party Poker used to have well over 70,000 players during their peak hours because their affiliation with Empire Poker, Coral Eurobet, Multipoker, and others. They also came out with a new platform, which will give Partypoker players more options at the tables. The new blackjack option should give players a bit of a respite when needed. We still think Partypoker is the strongest room in the market and still think you should signup if you haven’t already.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 6th, 2005
Vote For The Next Absolute Poker Hottie

How about enjoying a nice game of poker at Absolute Poker while selecting your choice for Miss Absolute. This site rocks. Not only can you select your favorite girl, you can also earn your college tuition. If you had a chance to win a scholarship to college, would you risk a few bucks. If you think you have what it takes, then check out Absolute Poker for a chance at winning some real school dollars. Don’t forget to check out the AbsolutePoker babes. Just remember when you win your school tuition, please come back to us to say thank you.

Online Poker TournamentsOctober 3rd, 2005
CEO’s Turn To Poker

Corporate America executives are shifting some business meetings to the poker room versus the golf course. If you think about it, this totally makes sense. Instead of golf handicaps, the poker table makes everyone equal. Plus, gambling is Corporate Americas way of thinking. Could you imagine a final table with Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Michael Dell, Margaret Whitman, Jeff Bezo’s, John Chamber’s and Oprah Winfrey. If you were among this elite group, playing with other CEO’s would be quite interesting. You can figure out their tells and call their bluff’s in the board room when you get down to business. Shuffle up and deal. Join us at Fullpokertilt for some great poker action.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 29th, 2005
The Luck’O The Irish

As most of our members know, we added sections to our forums about two months ago, in an effort to strike up some banter around the NFL and College Football. My partner-in-crime, Tiptheboss, suggested a WNBA forum as well, with their “typically exciting playoffs right around the corner”. Over-ruled! A good friend of mine and forum
member, Irish, is widely considered an accomplished college football handicapper. The regulars know he’s been posting plays in the forums since the start of the college season. Though week one reaped a windfall of impressive wins (6-1-1), weeks 2 and 3 were not nearly so kind leaving Irish with an average 7-8-3 record for the season.

It was at this time that Irish made a conscious decision to regroup and get back to what makes him and all other effective handicappers great; RESEARCH! Instead of capping 8, 9, 10 games on Saturday, Irish is now effectively capping 2 or 3 on Saturday, and weekday games when time permits. “It’s definitely quality over quantity in the capping business”, Irish told me in a recent IM chat session. Irish went on to boast about his 5-0 record since changing his strategy, and is plowing head-strong in to this weekend’s matchups. If you play College Football, you simply cannot afford to not tune in daily to the Irish connection. If you need a place to make these wagers, come to Bodog for the best lines.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 27th, 2005
Celebrity Poker Relief Tournaments

Charity poker tournaments are popping up everywhere, especially online. Hollywood figures are now stepping in to the online poker arena to help the people in need. Ultimate Bet’s latest event which was a $300 buy in, with $150 going to charity and matched the rest. Online appearances by Andy Roddick, Laura Prepon, Danny Masterson and of course you had the Ultimate Bet professionals like Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, and Antonio Esfandiari. These type of events show how a little fun can bring smiles to people that have nothing. Check out UltimateBet to see if there are more events in the future.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 22nd, 2005

We had to write about these two guys tonight, because our fantasy football squad owns both. It should be a great game whether you like these players or not. If attitude is what you want in a football game then this is the game of the week. How about placing a prop bet on who is going to have a better game. Head over to Bodog and test your skills. We are rooting for both, but if we had to choose, we would take Randy Moss. Sorry Tim.

If you feel like playing some online poker, then head over to for some Texas Holdem.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 19th, 2005
What is Neteller?

Neteller is the easiest way to send money to online poker rooms or directly to friends. Once your account is setup, you can have money in your poker account within seconds. If you’ve been thinking about making a deposit, now is the time to setup an account with Neteller. It is nearly impossible to send money to an online poker room using your credit card in the United States, so Neteller is your answer. Good Luck at the Tables.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 16th, 2005
Online Gaming Is Here To Stay

The US Senate turned down a bill that would restrict Internet Gambling. The Republican Senator from Arizona vow’s to make this happen one day, but it is too big of an industry for the Tax Man to ignore. Eventually our gaming experience will improve when the poker room servers are located in the USA. This Senator is sick of other countries collecting all the player rake. If he were smart he would legalize it in Arizona, which would bring in millions of tax dollars and give the Arizona Cardinals a chance at a Super Bowl. Forget all this legislative hoopla, how about a nice game of Texas Holdem at Poker Room.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 13th, 2005
A Poker Tip From Tips For Poker

If you could give one poker tip, what would it be? How about playing Big Slick, otherwise known as Ace-King? If you’re in late position, it is important to raise aggressively. The trick here is to narrow the field down pre-flop (1-2 players). If the board shows junk and you decide to check after the flop, you should probably go back to playing chess. You must represent strength, AA or KK. Make your opponent fold. If you hit your Ace or King, you are in good shape to bet heavy. To find out more about playing Big Slick, enter our poker forums.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 10th, 2005
Football Sunday = Poker Saturday

If you didn’t know by now, the NFL kicks off its first Sunday game this weekend. What does this mean? It means you better get your poker game on Saturday. Actually, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. With today’s modern technology, you can do both quite easily. Get yourself a wireless router and bring your laptop into the family room for unlimited action. The free money that is guaranteed in the Bodog Sunday 100K tournament will make the Cleveland Browns look exciting.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 7th, 2005
Poker Stocks Take a Plunge On Slow Growth?

Have we peaked? Its hard to tell, but it appears that there may be a slowdown in the amount of new players. Even though the popularity continues to grow, people are still concerned about making a real money deposit to an online poker room. We’ve all been there before, but in the end it is no big deal. All you have to do is setup an account with Neteller, FirePay or FPS-Passport and your off. Clean secure transactions. It’s a breeze. If you have any questions or concerns please contact support.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 4th, 2005
Jennifer Tilly is Queen of the Ladies

Ms. Tilly has now won her second poker tournament in just a couple of months. She won her first event at the World Series of Poker and now took the down the lades at The Bicycle Casino. This victory gives her a guaranteed seat at the $25,000 buy-in World Poker Tour Championship. It must be nice to have professional poker player Phil “Unabomber” Laak as your boyfriend.

Online Poker TournamentsSeptember 1st, 2005
Tournament Brings Help To Hurricane Victims

AbsolutePoker is sponsoring an online donation poker tournament to raise money for the Red Cross. Absolute will match 100 Percent of all funds raised to help victims. If this doesn’t inspire you to play poker then at least give something to the people in need. We at Tips4poker send our prayers and condolences to all the families and communities affected by this event.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 30th, 2005
How To Select Your Fantasy Poker Team?

If you had to create a cheat sheet for your fantasy poker draft, who would you put in the top five? How do you know who the busts and sleepers are? It would be fun to have Brunson, Hellmuth and Hanson go against Lederer, Ferguson and Ivey in week one. The hardest thing about making this work is whether your player is going to play when you need them. You may need to go to the waiver wire if Negreanu is too drunk to play that weekend or if Annie Duke is tied up in her hotel room. Our advice is to stick to fantasy football. Drafts are occurring as we speak and if you haven’t joined a league yet, you better hurry up. You can always find the latest football odds at Bodog.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 26th, 2005
Full House on 5th Street

It’s 2:00 in the morning and your itching to go to sleep, when all the sudden 5th street brings you that lovely Full House. You’re confident that you have the strongest hand when all the sudden the player next to you decides to put you all in. What do you do? Well it’s 2:00AM, don’t you think it’s obvious. You CALL. You take down a monster pot. Now, what do you do? Play another hand or go to sleep. We’ll leave that one up to you. If you are up for a nice game of poker come join us at UltimateBet.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 23rd, 2005
Poker For Pets

That’s right. How about a poker tournament dedicated to supporting all the rescued animals in the Gainesville, FL area. is a non-profit website that delivers cash prizes to the animals we all love. After running a successful tournament in July, they plan to offer the community a monthly event. Each event will generate charity contributions for a new animal rescue in the area. The prize pool varies on the Buy-in. Since poker is illegal, they give out merchandise as the prizes to the players. To learn more about this great cause go to Poker For Pets and sign up for the next tournament.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 20th, 2005
Poker and Football

Summer is winding down and football is starting to show it’s face on the HDTV. Of course it is only preseason, but the real thing is coming up faster than you think. There is nothing like a Sunday full of football and poker. This year the football pokerparty is going to be rocking. Getting the good friends together for a game of football and poker is what we call entertainment. Keep us posted about your poker party in our forums.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 17th, 2005
World Poker Tour 2006 Comes To XBOX & PS2

We are trying to understand the reasoning behind the video game. We all know how unreal the play money tables are in any online poker room. How would this be different in the end? If you want a taste of the real thing, you’re better off making the $25 deposit to Ultimate Bet.

It probably brings home some pretty good entertainment value for the young adults however, aren’t we getting them started a little early. Many poker pros are endorsing the product, but going against 9 other poker bots seems a bit off. We’ll have to wait to see the product for real, until we can be a good judge.

You can qualify to win a Rolex Submariner and many other great gifts, just for playing online poker at Ultimate Bet. This promotion runs through September, so start now. More Information.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 15th, 2005
Ultimate Bet Bonus Code

It may be time to try a new poker room. Ultimate Bet wants everyone to know about their latest bonus code. “Marley” is the bonus code that will get you up to 50% extra on your initial deposit. There is plenty of ring game action and great tournaments. Tips4Poker is also having it’s biggest promotion ever at UltimateBet. The Poker Rolex invitational is an extraordinary poker tournament that anyone can join. Sign up at Ultimate Bet, play enough raked hands and your in the tournament.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 11th, 2005
Tiger Woods Vs. Phil Ivey

The PGA championship is this weekend and you know who is coming to play. Well it sure isn’t Phil Ivey. Tiger Woods is 9/5 favor to win the Cup. Check Bodog for the latest lines on all the players. Meanwhile, Mr. Ivey will most likely be playing in the 2005 WSOP Tournament Circuit-Grand Tunica. This tournaments final round has a $10,000 buy-in just like the World Series of Poker.

We still want everyone to be aware of our current promotion. You can qualify to win a Rolex Submariner and many other great gifts, just for playing online poker at Ultimate Bet. This promotion runs through September, so start now. More Information.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 8th, 2005
Play Poker For a Rolex Submariner

For the month of August and September we will be giving away a free Rolex Submariner. There will also be additional prizes awarded, guaranteeing $6000 in prizes for each month. The Way it Works:

The Top 7 players are FreeRolled into the main tournament where 10 players will play for the free watch. The next 20 (plus the 10 that make it through the open tournament) players will play for 3 spots at the final table. The open tournament is for anyone who plays 2000 hands at Ultimate Bet. They will play for 10 spots in the second tier tournament. Everyone has a shot at this, but the people who play the most time and hands have a better chance. This promotion will be based on the combination of hands and points. You have two opportunities at the Rolex, so get started now. This is for new UltimateBet players. Find out more information in our Forum.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 5th, 2005
Shana Hiatt Is Off The Market

World Poker Tour announcer is now engaged to Hollywood movie producer Todd Garner. First we have to deal with her not hosting the Wednesday night events, she is also taken off the singles market. We’ve had several good year’s with Shana at the helm, but we assure all Shana fans that the next betty will be twice the poker babe. To see some more poker babe action, check out our poker babe section.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 3rd, 2005
Poker Challenge FreeRoll Tonight

The Poker Challenge registration at Bodog will end at 8:14pm tonight and the first bad beat will take place soon after. You still have time to join us for a great poker FreeRoll. If you think you have a good game then take the challenge against the best Tips4poker members. It’s not to late to join the pokerparty. For more information, come to our forums.

Online Poker TournamentsAugust 1st, 2005
FreeRoll Registration Begins Shortly

The Tips4poker Poker Challenge registration at Bodog begins within 24 hours. The question we have for you is, Are you Ready? Come join us on August 3rd at 8:15PM Eastern for the first Poker Challenge. All you have to do is signup for a new account at Bodog and send us your screen name. We will give you the password and a chance to claim the Poker Challenge prize. Email your information to support. If you have any questions please come join our forums. The Poker Party is about to get loud.

Online Poker TournamentsJuly 31st, 2005
The Poker Challenge FreeRoll Is Now Posted

The Tips4poker Poker Challenge is now listed under the Bodog tournament schedule. You will find the tournament under Private tournaments. It is set to kick off at 8:15PM Eastern Standard time on August 3rd. You can begin to register 48 Hours before the tournament. If you still need the password please email us.

While our FreeRoll is being held at Bodog, we highly recommend trying The Gaming Club for some great Poker action.

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