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Name: Holdem Manager
Year: 2007
Version: 1.11.01
Price: $99 or Free
Software: Poker Tracking and Analytics at its best
Size: 80MB
Features: Poker Tracking for all stakes games and tons of HUD options.
Rating: Holdem Manager

Holdem Manager Review

It all started with Poker Tracker way back in the day. Poker tracker ruled the poker stats arena, but started to fall off a bit. Then a shiny piece of software called Holdem Manager came to the rescue. Although Hold’em Manager does have it’s bugs here and there it’s by far the best poker tracking software on the market. Actually it may be the best 3rd party software out there today.

It is capable of doing many different things. This includes, a powerful HUD to get comprehensive analysis on your opponents and yourself. You can formulate all kinds of stats based on the hands you’ve played and the hand histories of others that you might of imported. The database can get extremely large if you really go after it. The coolest feature is the graphing. You can bring up multiple poker Tracker stats in graph form. This gives you a clearer understanding of where your game is at. You also have access to a replayer, which allows you to replay all hands you have in your database. You can go back and clean up the leaks and improve your overall game.

Holdem Manager Graphs

Here is another look at a Holdem Manager report.

Here are some other great features that make Holdem Manager one of the best poker tracking programs online.
1. Table Scanner – Finds the best tables at all the major poker rooms without any effort.
2. Table Ninja – Increase your hourly rate and let software help you out as multitabler. – This is huge.
3. Leak Buster – Stop the leaks in your poker game. Helps you point out what is holding you back.
4. SitNGo Wizard – Talk about becoming a better sit and go player, The Wizard will help you get to a point perfection
5. Hold’em Vision Pro – This a graphical way to exploit your opponents and take down more pots.

Holdem Manager Table Options

You can learn all about these great features .

Name: Holdem Indicator
Year: 2006
Version: 1.92
Price: $79.95 or Free
Software: Poker Odds Calculator
Size: 4.8MB
Features: Real Time Opponent Statistics and betting patterns. Instant calculation of winning odds.
Rating: Tournament Indicator

Holdem Indicator Review

Holdem Indicator does more then just check pot odds. This little piece of software may make you a better poker player which leads to a bigger bankroll.

The truth about odds calculators is they provide you with a lot of information, but Holdem Indicator gives you every thing big third party software providers give you, except on a smaller scale. The quickness of the software also makes it really nice, since you don’t have to wait for it to calculate. It does it instantly. The win odds feature gives you exact odd of your given hand of winning. This is nice when you have this information calculated for you. This allows you to focus on the player you are up against.

The program gives you multiple views, so you can set it up the way you want it. The support is great as far as we can tell. We have gotten quick reponses and so far we have not seen any bugs in the program.

Another cool aspect of Holdem Indicator is the Data Tracking it provides on your opponents. This give you some solid information when it comes to making tough decisions. Bigger programs like Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager are great, but this is like a simple mini version of the two. This alone is well worth the price of FREE.

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Name: Texas Calculatem Pro
Year: 2004
Version: 5.3.68
Price: $99.85 or Free
Software: Poker Odds Calculator
Size: 4.5MB
Features: Automatic Card Reading, Odds Calculating, Suggestions & Advice.
Rating: Texas Calculatem

Texas Calculatem Review

This odds calculator has come a long way from when Tips For Poker first reviewed it. Originally, Calculatem Pro had no automatic card reading — you had to add the cards manually. Obviously, it was time consuming and most doubted this would ever be a useful tool. Then, automatic card read was finally developed and now it supports almost every online card room there is.

Since then, it has added even more features and continues to grow as a great Poker Program. After you fold your hand it keeps your hand frozen and plays out the hand as if you ‘would’ have called. Which is extremely interesting and using this feature demonstrates with accuracy 70-90% of the time what Calculatem Pro suggests is the correct move.

The one thing this program could negatively affect is your betting skills. Obviously, this is something you must develop on your own and especially playing no-limit one doesn’t want to overshoot a hand they are obvious to win. Now, with that being said — take Calculatem’s advice with a grain of salt.

This program continues to be the most valuable online odds calculator you can use today. If you don’t have it, download it right now. And, I can say with confidence that you will most likely be a return customer and purchase this product!

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Name: Poker Crusher
Year: 2007
Version: 4.7
Price: $4.95/Mo – $39.95/Mo or Free
Software: Player Tracking
Size: 12.2MB
Features: Automatically Tracks Players, Import old Hand Histories, Gives Advice How To Improve Game.
Rating: Texas Calculatem


Name: Poker Office
Year: 2003
Version: 5.0
Price: $99 or FREE
Software: Player Tracking and Player Tracker
Size: 26MB
Features: Tracks your poker stats, Hand Histories and other players actions. Improvement Device
Rating: Poker Office


Name: Poker Edge
Year: 2005
Version: 5.0
Price: $4.95/month to $39.95/Month
Software: A one stop player tracker odds calculator and more
Size: 13.6MB
Features: Check stats on your opponents live, gives pot odds, and complete keeps you in control.
Rating: Poker Edge

Poker Edge Review

Poker Edge poses a valuable question, are you in POKEREDGE? to find out. Scary thing, is its true! IF your name comes up — they have stats on you. Don’t believe me? Enter a random name, PoopyPants per say and see what comes up and then enter your name. If you play at, there’s a good chance your tracked.

Being tracked isn’t that bad. Most people, given this utility couldn’t properly interpret the information that they are given. Additionally, the information that is given is often lacking.

Poker Edge Download

Example: Looking up statistics on myself, I came across approximately 200 tracked hands. Well, I’ve played probably a good 10,000 or so hands at PartyPoker. So they’re missing just a tad bit of information about me and others.

However, conversely as they grow they learn more and this is definitely not a tool to be underestimated.

Tips For Poker’s Suggestion : Try the 5 day Trial Subscription. (if you don’t like it, don’t forget to cancel) And, if you can properly wield this tool. Keep it. If not, go back to Poker Office/Calculatem mighty Duo!

One last concern, if your paying for stats – what makes you think they aren’t recording your stats or other valuable information well your paying? Its a catch 22.

Poker Edge Table Finder

Bottom line, dollar for dollar, is this program worth the money? Tips For Poker says, YES!

Name: Poker Bonus Bots
Year: 2006
Version: 5.07
Price: $129
Software: Poker Bot
Size: 2.6MB
Features: Play poker while you’re sleeping using this one of a kind Poker Bot. Holdem, Omaha, PLO, Blackjack Bot
Rating: Poker Bot

Poker Bots – Poker Robots

I’ve always known they’ve existed, yet never found one that really worked well. Poker is a pretty emotional game and when you take the emotion out, people play different. The goal is to create a Poker Bot that can play low stakes poker games and milk the money out. Does it work? Well this Poker Bot seems to work pretty well. I got the 200 hand demo and was able to run it on I was pretty impressed with this small piece of software.

A working Poker Bot

Back when WinHoldem was the only Bot around, I was thinking how difficult it would be to get this Robot up and running. It turns out, with the step by step instructions they give you with the download, I was able to get the bot rolling within 15-20 minutes. A couple of Windows changes, FullTilt changes and I was off to the races.

The standard profile it comes with is pretty conservative, so I’m sure there are better ones out there. You may have to check out their forums for those answers. After 200 hands, which is obviously not a large sample, I was able to run my $10 buy-in at a $.05/.10 table up to $12.24. For 200 hands that is not bad. With a $10 buy-in you can’t expect to get rich.

Poker Robots do exist

I do have to say with the complexity of it all, it was real easy to launch which what most of these poker bots have been unable to do in the past without running into large bugs. Of course, we are not completely sold on this Bot, but we do feel it has huge potential if you are able to make the tweaks that make it a winner. This article about poker bots back in the day opened a lot of eyes to this. A lot of players couldn’t belive that bots were actually sitting next to them. Well guess what, you are most likely seated with a bot right now as you play NL Hold’em. Other things you want to consider before using this poker bot is that most rooms don’t allow them. If you are caught your account will most likely be terminated.

Playing Poker Online

Since it’s inception over 10 years ago, online poker has seen a lot of different obstacles. has been online since 2004 helping players not only find the right online poker room to play at, but also provide strategy on how to win. The landscape will continue to change as we move forward into the gaming future. We plan on being here for the long haul helping one player at a time.