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A look inside the Tips4poker.com team and what they offer poker players

Since 2004, Tips4Poker.com has been bringing poker information to the everyday poker player. Whether you are a newbie to the game or a seasoned professional there is something on this site that you will find resourceful. Providing information on being a better poker player is only one of the many things we provide. Building a strong bankroll when you first start out is our number one goal. At the beginning of your online poker career, money is your number one fear. Losing is no fun, we all know that. Being able to play with the houses money early on is critical when learning the software or even learning to play the game.

Some of the major pieces to the site include poker bonus codes, poker room reviews, poker software reviews, our free cash section and tons more resources to better your game.

Poker Bonus Codes – You will find our top poker codes that are critical to your cash building.

Poker Room Reviews – Get a good feel about an online poker room without having to download the software or visit the site.

Poker Software Reviews – Our 3rd party poker software review section carries some of the best after market programs on the Internet.

Free Cash – Discover the many places where poker rooms and casinos give you free no deposit cash for you to play with. This is HOT!

Other pages include our Forums, which is our community of players looking to help each other out and make their games better. If you feel like you have something to provide, please feel free to send us a message using our contact form. We will look into what you have to say and hopefully we can share with the rest of the poker players at Tips4Poker.com.

Since Poker is a game of skill we won’t say Good Luck, instead we’ll say, Have Fun and see you at the tables.

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Playing Poker Online

Since it’s inception over 10 years ago, online poker has seen a lot of different obstacles. Tips4poker.com has been online since 2004 helping players not only find the right online poker room to play at, but also provide strategy on how to win. The landscape will continue to change as we move forward into the gaming future. We plan on being here for the long haul helping one player at a time.