Tournament Tips

How to win Poker Stars Poker Tournaments? is one of the top online poker rooms and one of the many good aspects of this poker room can be found in the form of poker tournaments. Sit and go are the money-spinning poker tournaments offered by this poker site. Though, these tournaments vary in terms of number of players, the nine players sit and go is preferred by huge number of poker players visiting Poker Stars. Low investment and higher chance of winning make these tournaments a wonderful option for novice poker players as well. Here are few tips to come out as winner in a nine player sit and go poker tournament.

What should be the goal?

Your goal while playing a nine player sit and go tournament with is to get included amongst top 3 players. For this, you need to knock out at least 6 of the players across the table. The prize money at stake on this poker tournament table is divided into three equal parts and thus, you have the chance to win one-third of total prize money. Don’t take chances, especially when only 4 or 5 players are left on the poker table.

Managing your BankRoll

In order to manage the bankroll available with you, it is a good idea to choose the nine player sit and go tournament offering reasonable fees to play. Never take the chance of putting maximum amount of your bankroll at stake, as it will lower the chances of winning potential amount. Always start with least fees poker table and if you start winning, keep on switching to those offering high fees and higher prize money.

Early Position is Advantageous

You can find early position at a nine player sit and go table to be advantageous, as the blinds are cheaper at this stage. This will help you to build your stack when the blinds are low. Once, the blinds become expensive, you already have enough of them to dominate the game.

When at late Position

If you are at a late position in these tournaments, it is recommended to be patient, even if you lose a big poker hand. Don’t go for all-in out of frustration, but wait for another strong hand till the end of the game. Another thing that might happen is that 2 or 3 players go for all-in, letting you to find yourself amongst top players left out on the table. It is important to be patient in the tournament and follow a never give up attitude.

Going for a Big Raise

While opting for a big raise, make sure that you possess the right hand with which you can go for all-in. If the players don’t call at your raise, you can win the pot money. However, if they call, it depends upon your hand whether you win or not.

Once you start following these tips, you will find your comfort level to rise while playing nine player sit and go poker tournament with Tournaments

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