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Old 06-12-2005, 01:05 AM
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Acronyms commonly used in Tips4Poker Forums

SB - small blind; also small bet in Limit poker
BB - big blind; also big bet in Limit poker
UTG - under the gun (first position after the big blind)
UTG+1 - position to the left of UTG
EP - early position (generally, first 3 positions after the BB at a 10-table)
MP - middle position (generally, next 3 position)
LP - late position
CO - cutoff, position one off the button (late position, LP)
OTB+1 - cutoff
OTB - on the button (late position, LP)
OOP: out of position

Hand Strength
BD - backdoor (cards required on the turn and river to make a flush or straight )
BDSD - backdoor straight draw
BDFD - backdoor flush draw
Gutshot - inside straight draw
MHIG - my hand is good
MHING - my hand is not good
OESD - open end straight draw
OESFD - open-ended straight-flush draw
o - offsuit, i.e. having two hole cards of different suits
PP - pocket pair
s - suited, i.e. having two hole cards of the same suit
TPTK - top pair top kicker
TPLK - top pair low kicker
TPGK - top pair, good kicker
TPWK - top pair, weak kicker
TPBK - Top pair bad kicker
UI - unimproved
WA - way ahead
WB - way behind

General, Commonly Used Acronyms
B&M - Bricks and Mortar (live play in casinos, cardrooms, home, as opposed to internet play)
CR - check-raise
HH - Hand History
HU - Head's Up, i.e. one-on-one play
LRR - limp re-raise
NLD - nice laydown
PF - pre-flop
PFR - preflop Raise
POF - post-flop

Pokertracker terms for players:
T - Tight
SL - Semi-loose
L - Loose
P - passive
A - Aggressive

The above terms can be used to further define a player's characteristics, such as:
LAP - Loose Aggressive preflop / Passive post flop
SLAP - Semi Loose Aggressive preflop / Passive postflop
LPP - Loose Passive preflop / Passive post flop is a fish in poker tracker. High VPIP and low PFR. Can call down with very weak hands, rarely raises.
LAG - Loose Aggressive Player
Maniac - raises preflop over 50% of the time
TAG/TA - Tight aggressive (regarded a strong player)
TP - Tight passive

ITM - in the money
Bubble - one off the money in a SNG or MTT (example: if top 4 places pay then the 5th place is the bubble)
MIS - Move-In Specialist (person in a tournament who either all-ins or folds)
MT'ing - multi-tabling
MTT - multi-table tournament
S&G - stop and go
SnG - sit n' go
SS - short stack
STT - single-table tournament

AF - aggression factor
BB/100 Hands - big bets won per 100 hands played
BR - bankroll
EV - expected value
FRB - folded to river bet
HR - hourly rate
PT - PokerTracker
ROI - return on investment
RoR - risk of ruin
SD - standard deviation
SD - showdown
VPIP - Voluntarily put into pot - amount of times a player enters a pot. Putting money in the blinds is not considered voluntary unless you call from the SB or call a raise from the BB.
WR - win rate
W$SD - won $ at showdown
WSD - went to showdown
W$SD - won $ at showdown

Books and Authors
DS - David Sklansky
FTOP - Fundamental Theorem of Poker; not a book but main concept in Sklansky's Theory of Poker
HEPFAP - Hold Em Poker For Advanced Players, by Sklansky
PPLTP - Play Poker Like the Pros, by Phil Hellmuth
S&M - Sklansky & Malmuth
SSHE - Small Stakes Hold 'em, by Miller, Sklansky, Malmuth
SS, SS2 - Super Systems, by Brunson
TOP - Theory of Poker, by Sklansky
WLLHE - Winning Low Limit Hold 'em, by Lee Jones

CP - CardPlayer
FCP - FullContactPoker (Daniel Negreanu's site)
2+2 - Two Plus Two (Sklansky and Malmuth's site)

HEP - Hold'Em Poker
NLHE - no limit Texas Hold'em
O8B - Omaha High-Lo or Omaha 8 or better
7HL - 7-Card Stud High-Lo or 7-Stud 8 or better
2-7 - deuce-to-seven triple draw
A-5 - ace-to-five triple draw

Online Poker Sites
AP - Absolute Poker
FTP - Full Tilt Poker
PP - Party Poker
PS - PokerStars
RVP - Royal Vegas Poker
UB - Ultimate Bet

AC - Atlantic City
MC - Monte Carlo
NV - Nevada

Poker on TV
CPS - Celebrity Poker Showdown
PPT - Professional Poker Tour
PSI/PSII - Poker Superstars Invitational/Poker Superstars Invitational II
WPT - World Poker Tour
WSOP - World Series of Poker

Some Definitions
Boat - full house
Broadway - Ace high straight
Broadway card - any card that makes a broadway (AKQJT)
Cap - raising to 4 fixed bets in a round (limit poker). This is the maximum number of bets in a round
Chop - split pot, also can be used for sharing 1st prize between the finalists in a B&M tourney
Cold call - (limit) calling two or more bets (a bet and a raise) at the same time
Crying Call - calling with what is probably the worst hand.
Cardiac call - you would only win if your oppenent were to drop down dead, very slim crying call
Dead money - money that is in the pot that was contributed by players who subsequently folded
Dominated - Hand could be behind to a bigger hand (preflop a hand like AJ and you suspect the opponent has AK)
Drawing dead - if your hand improves it still will not win
Family pot - lots of players in the hand
Nuts - best hand at that stage in the hand
OC - overcard, i.e. holding a card with a value higher than what is on the board
Rake - money taken from the pot by online site
Redraw - cards that can help you (or an opponent) on subsequent streets. For instance, if getting a set on the flop but two diamonds are also on the flop it may give "redraws" to a flush for your opponent.
Sandbag - slowplaying a big hand
Set - A pocket pair and a board card give 3 of a kind
Split - split pot/ shared pot
Tilt - playing bad because you are upset
Trips - A pair on the board and one hole card give 3 of a kind
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