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Old 10-19-2005, 07:40 AM
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Exclamation Casulties In Nfl Are Alarming!

Whether it is on the field or off the field, the injuries that are occurring involving NFL players is growing to epic proportions. If you follow the business side of the NFL, you most certainly are aware of the many players (Owens, Walker) who have tried unsuccessfully to renegotiate their contracts. The player will sign a 7 year-$43 million deal, with $15 million up front and then realizes that it really isnít a 7-year deal, but rather a year to year contract.

You see in this era of multi million dollar contracts, professional football has been steadfast in itís refusal to offer guaranteed contracts to players. In baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer you will see numerous $80-$90-$100 million deals and they are GUARANTEED, not football and considering the way players are falling like flies, who can blame the owners.

Case in point is Javon Walker who was pressing for a long term deal and the Packers told him to forget it. Now he injures himself in the first game and is gone for the year and who knows if he will ever recover his speed and agility. The Packers will pay him his $4 million this season and get no return on their investment.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Jerome McDougle was shot four times in the offseason in Florida and then as he was just about recovered from the setback, he was rushed to the hospital for emergency hernia surgery as well as other internal organ problems. The Eagles had refused his attempts at a long term deal and they are thanking their lucky stars today, that they took that stance.

The game between St. Louis and Indy on Monday Night Football was a very competitive one, until Rams quarterback Marc Bulger, decided in a foolish moment, that he would take on a huge linebacker after an interception. Bulger hurts his shoulder, the Rams get smoked and the Rams ownership is now paying their starting quarterback big bucks to sit.

The New York Jets pay huge money to Chad Pennington and then go out and give Jay Fiedler a whack of cash, to be their number two. Both of them get hurt in the third game and the Jets had to pry Vinny Testaverde off the couch to play.

The Seattle Seahawks have been dealing with all kinds of injuries to their wide receivers, but have coped and come off two straight wins over the Rams and the Texans. Their safety Ken Hamlin is out on the town after the game and gets involve in an altercation. Apparently a gentleman and I use the term loosely, decided to club Hamlin over the head with a street sign and now the player has a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.

Arizona DE Calvin Pace is out for the season after suffering a serious cut on an arm during the off week. According to Green, Pace was at home in Atlanta when he slipped and tried to brace himself against a glass door. The door gave way and Pace was injured. He had surgery and spent a night in the hospital.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of injuries that are occurring on a regular basis, every Sunday of the year in the NFL and you cannot blame either player or team, for trying to get every penny and in the teamís case, every ounce of blood from these guys.

Ask any player or former player why he plays this ferocious sport when he has injuries that would prevent most normal human beings from getting out of bed in the morning. They have to play, if they want to get paid and if the team is forced to pay them, they will get rid of them the next year.

I have been informed that several players only have Ĺ season contracts and if they cannot play at least 8 regular season games, they only get Ĺ their salary, even though they got hurt at the place of employment!
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