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PokerCaddy 06-10-2010 05:31 AM

Home poker tournament set-up made easy
Poker Caddy is an iPhone / iPad app which caters to the Poker aficionado.

This application provides a solution to the rigorous process that goes into determining chip denominations, number of chips to distribute to each player, blind timers, and payout structures at the beginning of any Poker tournament. Additionally, Poker Caddy calculates Texas Hold'Em hand odds utilizing a 10,000 hand simulation to predict outcomes.

$ 0.99

Poker Caddy enhances the home tournament experience as well as small local tournaments by automating the set-up of poker tournaments.

The easy to use User Interface guides the user through the set-up process. Based on the data entered, Poker Caddy automatically calculates the minimum denomination & chip counts that need distributed to all players.

With smooth graphics, customizable blind timers, denomination calculations, chip distribution, a duration clock, and on screen reminders of the current blind levels as well as always visible chip color denominations.

How many times has someone said "I wish there was a better way to do this", in regards to home tournament set-up?

How many times have you or someone you know forgotten how much the chip denominations are?

How many times have you wanted to play with a blind timer, but didn't have the right tool?

How many times have you wanted to know what your odds after you and a buddy went all in against each other?

Poker Caddy is a one stop shop that can solve all of those problems for you.

Be the talk of your next tournament with this tool

- Home Poker Tournament set-up wizard
- Chip distribution
- Blind timer (customizable)
- Duration clock
- On screen indicators for chip denominations
- Texas Hold'Em Hand odd calculator using a 10,000 hand simulation
- Automatic game state saving and resume right were you left off.

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