View Full Version : Playing Online Poker Makes You Fat!

02-18-2005, 09:09 PM
Usually in Online Poker the only thing referred to as "fat" is the pots that you are winning, or losing. However, ever since I started playing online poker with a reasonable amount of regularity I have noticed a significant amount of weight gain (5-10lbs) now I know that this topic is relatively taboo. But, I would venture to say there is a close relation to playing online poker and getting fat.

What do you think? Think that online poker is making you fat? What do you do to keep your weight down?

02-18-2005, 10:58 PM
I agree. But anything sitting at the computer long enough will make you fat. Some thing I do to counter these affects are running in place for 5minutes for every 30 your on the computer. And keeping a set of weights close by never hurt either.

02-18-2005, 11:14 PM
no i am always rocking my chair and moving it around while i am in it. plus i always have to get up for something every so often, plus i chase my kids around so thats enough movement for me... :D

02-18-2005, 11:23 PM
I pride myself on being physically fit. I think it is important for everyone to spend at least a half hour doing something to stimulate the physical side of things. Which is also the reason for which I play poker. To stimulate the mental side and challenge my mind. I do however have a suggestion, try Michaleob Ultra Lite and eating healthier. As Gerbeux said, "running in place for 5minutes" even something as little as that helps.

03-16-2005, 09:08 PM
poker makes me fat...
eating "whatever the f*** i want" makes me fat...
the hip hop i listen to makes me PHAT....
the sleeping with my hand in my pants, makes me fat...
2 am ice cream binges make me fat...

overall, im just a FATTY!

08-16-2005, 03:17 AM
Thought I'd bring this topic back up. Because, I still wonder about it. Your thoughts?

08-19-2005, 05:11 AM
I think if you played a lot of poker, 8-10hours a day every day and did little else by way of exercise it would be very easy to put on the pounds. Most online players I see though, tend to be about as healthy as everyone else. The ones you see on tv as internet poker wizkids, are usually skinny.

I think playing a lot online vs playing a lot live gives you more opportunity to stay in shape. You dont have to play 8 hours strait and like others suggested you could keep some weights near by or run in place during break periods. Plus, you have the option of selecting your meals at home playing online which is a lot more healthy than eating the casino buffet playing live.

06-20-2007, 05:33 AM
I agree.I think if you played a lot of poker, 8-10hours a day every day and did little else by way of exercise it would be very easy to put on the pounds. I think one shoul make a routine to do regular exercise.