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05-25-2011, 04:25 PM
The goal of every casino - earn the maximum amount of money for the casino are often willing to shell out good. Paradox? Not at all. Practice shows that the bonus system (of which we, in fact, right now, and we say) justifies all costs. In other words, the casino attracts players by giving them the opportunity to try, and then - to win. For this, there are lots of ways. By

way, where there is a chance to make money there and specialization are planned, but in this case it is a bonus-Hunter, the people who collect the cream on the sites of online casinos. The most popular and beloved by all bonus - on your first deposit. Although the casino usually try to vary, including special offers to customers, a first deposit bonus offer almost everything. What is it? This type of bonus is calculated after the casino the player first takes the money at the casino. The size of this bonus is very impressive - on average it is equal to the amount transferred, and can sometimes even exceed it twice. Occurring immediately after receiving the bonus desire to take all the money and leave should be prevented at the root - the fact that it will

to win back, and just come and pick up the money did not succeed, otherwise the casino would have long since gone bankrupt. So, make a few bets, and then remove the remnants of the amount, because to take it all still does not work,