View Full Version : Who is sick of BAD losers?

09-22-2010, 02:46 PM
Anyone else sick of players who are knocked out who stay on the sideline and provide negative comments about the player who knocked them out? I was in a tourney last night with a player who, who just kept ragging on the player who knocked them out. It got to the point that I told them to go away but they relented and stayed and ragged. I can understand maybe one comment after a bad beat but staying around for 15 minutes or so and ragging on a the player who takes or took them out.Blackjack Tips (http://www.yalepallettrucks.com/)

Just my opinion enough is enough, gee you were called, you lost, deal with it,,, believe it or not your are NOT the only loser in a game of poker, and you wont be the last,,,so what it may have been a bad beat or pure luck of the poker site,,, GROW UP its a game,,,,
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Geesh, take your loss like a man or woman and move on.
Who agrees?
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