View Full Version : Another Million Dollar HU Challenge

05-30-2010, 04:34 AM
About a month ago, Match Sports and Tom "Durrr" Dwan announced the production of a tv show featuring the young American facing off against four high caliber players in $500,000 heads-up matches. In case you don't remember the rules of the challenge, each player will have to pay $500,000 to buy-in into it and the matches will last for 500 hands. No one can quit before every hand has been played or a player went busto.

After some idle weeks, the first of Durrr's challengers has been announced. It's Sammy George, an English high-stakes player known for his appearances at TV shows The Big Game and Poker Million. George is already helping raise the hype. "My message to Tom is €“ paper cannot wrap up a fire. With Phil Ivey and Patrick Antonius, you are talking about guys I rate quite highly. Guys like Durrrr to me are normal, you know, they're nothing special," he said.

The other three challengers are yet to be announced by Match Sports, the company responsible for producing the show. Eddie Hearn, one of the Match Sports representatives, has said they have presented the challenge to some of the world's best players and are going to announce the other participants in the upcoming weeks. Hearn has also confirmed that there will be no odds in this challenge, clearing out any doubts about Durrr offering odds this time.

It's understandable that due to the high buy-in, it becomes hard to find players willing to lay down that amount of money and play a heads-up match against one of the most feared poker players of our time. Let's hope the other participants live up to the hype that has been built around this event.

The Durrr Million Dollar Challenge is due to happen during the World Series of Poker Europe, in London, next month. There is still no estimate on when will the show go on air.

I can't wait to see this