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robert ross
05-10-2010, 08:39 AM
In the past year Tips For Poker has expierenced a phenomenal growth. In the past (6) months alone we have gone from 200visitors a day to well over 2,000. We have tried to work in every possible way to prepare Tips For Poker for the future and make it better in every possible way. online roulette (http://www.royalapollo.com/)

Now is your chance to give us feedback. Please, let us know your thoughts about T4P. Good or bad lets hear it. What can we do better, what are we doing good and what would you like to see more of?
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Money player permanently reside in the circulation. Most of the time, we gradually lose your stack, dropping at a bad hand, and only occasionally break the bank, making a bet. In the end, what we lose in the total amount is approximately equal to that win. The difference between plus and minus players only in the fact that the first in the long run outweigh win the pot, the second - losing bets. Everything is easy? victoriacasino (http://www.victoriacasino.net/) Not at all. After all, we forgot about the existence of rake!

What is rake? And nothing but a poker club earnings, deductions from his bank received the players. It seems to be scanty at first glance, the magnitude, some 3-5 percent of the amount of the bank - but what is an exceptional role it plays, if you think in this 280sports (http://www.280sports.org/) situation a little deeper ...

Once again I realize: in the game, we not only win, but often lose the bet made. But rake is deducted from each distribution, casino (http://chicshockey.com/) without a difference, she went with us in the plus or minus. The result, for example, a successful player in the small (from $ 0,5 - $ 1 to) the limit due to rake poker club pays almost as much, if not more, how much is profit for the long term play! It is because of rake majorslotscasino (http://www.majorslotscasino.com/) net income above zero player in online poker is a very small percentage of the total turnover of its funds.

Exploiting the limits are $ 3 - $ 6 and having a rough profit of $ 10 per hour, we have for the same time without noticing it, time to put in a pocket of the poker room is ten dollars as a rake. In fact, we have to share with the club winning its half!

05-18-2010, 12:40 AM
Give us some incentives for poker tournaments. Like private poker games in some big poker sites.