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12-14-2007, 08:30 AM
I been playin for about 3 years online. can win tourneys with 600 people in them. i can place first in freerolls of 3500. i can make $300 playin ring games. i have read around 10 books on poker, including power poker. i have an A level in maths, and an above average knowledge of psychology. and i play patient, rarely tilt. i understand pot odds, implied odds and reverse pot odds. i dont over or underbluff. i fold crap hands an mix up my play. i play about 5 hours a day, everyday. yet i still cant make profit, always seem to break even. you know, grind out $50 to $100, then someone sucks out 3 rivers in a row to bust me back to 50. What am i doing wrong?

01-25-2008, 03:23 AM
I am by no means a poker pro, but over the last year or so I have consistently built my bankroll to the point where I know I am no longer going to be "breaking even." I too was going through something similar in that I would win tournaments get my money up a bit then get knocked back time by people sucking out on me or something like that. I'd read a bunch of books, put in a good amount of hours, understood odds, etc. but the real turning point for me was making good but difficult lay downs. You may not know what that player made or maybe they had it all along, but when all of the sudden you don't feel so strong even if your hand is amazing there is only one play...let it go! For god sakes people, let your hands go. One example that happened the other day:
I was in a middle position with pocket 7s. Two players before me called, I called, and then everyone after me folded until the big blind who also called. 4 players in the pot. The flop came :kh: :8c: :7d: . Rainbow, and I flopped a nice set, plus no raise so I don't feel my opponents would have anything too strong though pocket 8s are always a possibility. Anyway, big blind checks and then the next player bets half the pot. The third player calls and then I raise it 4x his bet to the new pot size. Big blind folds, other two players call. I put one on a king with a good kicker, the other maybe a draw. The next card comes::th: . The first player hesitates then goes all-in covering both of us waiting to act. Now the second player calls and I think for a minute and despite the fact that I don't really like the all-in player calling my large reraise with the :6s: :9d: draw, I give him credit and lay down my hand. Sure enough the first player flips over 9,6 while the other shows KQ. While this isn't a particularily extreme example of the kind of lay downs I'm talking about, so many people do what the player with KQ did and that is simply a mistake. I know it's hard and you like the looks of your hand but if someone has been calling your bets all the way down to the river and then all of the sudden, acting first, goes all-in just accept the fact that you may have been played for a fool and cut your losses. In no-limit big losses like that can take a long time to recoup. Best of luck and I hope this helped. Be patient, this game takes a lifetime to master.

03-12-2008, 08:22 AM
Hello venufine,

don't lose your hope , poker is game of luck and patience .
As you have described about your self here I am very much impressed by your skills .Believe me one day will be yours !!!!!
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04-29-2009, 05:17 AM
Yes, itís physically possible to make money playing poker.

Before you throw any serious money at the game of poker, you should really take some time to do some self analysis, and ask yourself the following questions.

1. Discipline
Am I a disciplined person? Do I have the dedication to stick to things, even when theyíre not going well, or am I the type to quickly throw in the towel? Can I keep my emotions relatively under control to avoid playing badly?

2. Money Management
Am I good at keeping tabs on my money? Am I willing to face up to my losses, and view my results realistically? Do I have a tendency to gamble more when Iím losing, or do I have the self-control to realize Iím not playing well and cut my losses short?

3. Willingness to Learn about the Game
Am I willing to constantly think about and analyze my own plays? Am I willing to objectively accept criticisms from others about it?

If you canít answer yes to most or all of these questions, you probably donít have what it takes to make money playing poker. However, if youíre willing to recognize your weaknesses and take measures to correct and/or compensate for them, you are probably well on your way to showing a profit at the poker tables.

06-12-2009, 02:23 PM
Pick up Harrington's latest book on cash games. It highlights the fundamental mistakes players make when going from tourneys to cash games. The big things he stresses in cash games are trying to see lots of cheap flops, and not to overvalue top pair or an overpair. He also explains a lot about pot control and the concept of 'small hand, small pot; big hand, big pot'. It helped my game tremendously already.

06-24-2009, 04:32 AM
focus and cut down on the number of tables your playing too