View Full Version : Need some poker guru help for x-mas

11-27-2007, 03:30 PM
Hey guys, let me start off by saying, I know NOTHING about poker. I came here because my parents are poker fiends! They eat, breathe, and sleep poker. That being said, Christmas is coming up, and for the past few years I have given them gifts that deal with poker. ie- wall clocks, pictures, etc etc. This year I thought it would be really neat to get them personalized cards to show off and play with.

It may sound dumb and cheesy, but I know they will like it. I wanted to incorporate their last name with some kind of poker "slang" instead of something as simple as "Bates' Poker" you get the gist...

I was hoping some of you poker gods could help me out with something to print on these cards. I am really good with Photoshop and thought I could make a really cool "logo" looking thing with the saying.

So if anyone would help me out with a clever little "logo" "slogan" that would be amazing. Like I said I want to incorporate their last name which is "Bates"

Thanks a TON in advance guys!

01-22-2008, 03:25 AM
Well Christmas has already past so this would have to be for next year. How about:

"After mom sucks out on dad he usually goes and master-Bates"

Sound good?