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12-21-2006, 05:39 PM
hi guys, especially maths wizzs.

I'm trying to develop my own strategy, something I can call my own and stick with. so, a few questions.

How many different starting hands are there? like all poker hands, not just playable ones.

And how do I calculate how many different hands I would play if...lets say I only played pairs, two picture cards, or suited connectors.

If someone could give an example of how to calculate that kind of thing it would be great, as Id love to be able to work that stuff out myself and work out an optimal % of hands played for a particular style of play.

Thanks everyone

12-22-2006, 03:54 PM
Ok, so I got my brain into gear, and I worked out that there are 169 different starting hands. (I think)

so if you just played Pairs and Broadway combo's, that's 25 hands

so... 25/169 = 14.79% of hands played

add some suited connectors....(4 to J) 7 hands

32/169 = 18.93% of hands

maybe AXs and KXs that's 18 more hands

50/169 = 29.59%

what else can I throw in....

suited one gapers? 4-Q that's 6 more

56 hands/169 = 33.14%

I'm just thinking out loud, and I’m not any kind of super poker player or anything. thoughts anyone? You can always take the help of a good
Poker Calculator like Poker Pro 2006 to work it out.