View Full Version : 2B a freeroller or a freehobo

12-06-2006, 06:24 AM
I can't live without freerolls. I play them day in and day out. I swear I left my girlfriend just to play online freeroll poker and its works. I've actually been making some sort of salary since i've been a freeroller. Now my ex-gf will regret leaving me since i've become so rich!!

Check this freeroll that I'm going to win (I only play the big ones worth winning)

Dreampoker is having a 7K freeroll on wednesday, top 130 gets paid or in my case, number 1 for me. But its big enough to play in 8)

Pokerstars is also having Astin Martin freeroll (something to that effective), so I've got a new car lined up for me! haha

Hold on tight to your chips boys and girls
Happy freeroll hunting.