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11-12-2006, 06:41 PM
I am a very serious poker player, and I play several times a week. (Actually, almost every day^^)
Of course, to win the internet poker, I've used a variety of poker software, but I am still looking for something special, that is "profitable" to me.
Now, I have some questions here. I will wait for your opinions.

1. Most software has features like odds calculator. But I still have no convince that it is valuable.
Surely, odds calculator gave me some useful information but I think it blocks my instinct more frequently.
In most case, it is not valuable for me. How do you utilize this feature?

2. About Player's ranks - Some software (or service) shows the player's rank; that is about who is fish or who is shark. It may watch the tables and save the poker player's gain/loss information in the server. And it provides player's ranking statistics to its subscribers. Is it valuable? I think not.
There are too many players, and their strategies are changed every time. I cannot believe that the pre-made player's information is valuable.
If necessary, it might be better to replace the pre-made player information with the real-time player's statistics. In some software like PokerKant or Pokergenuine, my opponentsí statistics are given on a real-time base. These kinds of software make flop-seen rate, showdown, betting pattern, win rate.., and so on automatically while I am playing. And just after 10 minutes, they tell my opponentsí playing. I think it is much valuable, isn't it?

3. Can I make money with this good featured software like PokerKant, Pokertracker, PokerIndicator, poker-spy, holdemgenius, calculatem..? It looks very good, but is it really valuable?

Besides, I have many questions that internet poker winning software is valuable or not. Welcome to share.

This is my review of what I experienced with some poker software. (It is just my thought, so feel free ^^)

:kd: Hand statistics and hand history management

With Pokertracker(www.pokertracker.com)
No doubt, it is best software in hand statistics part. It has enormous items to overview my hand histories. I can fully review my old hand histories with either statistics or one by one.
But it does not give real time statistics and has something difficult to use its enormousness; and pokertracker should import hand history manually. I think that's why I feel uncomfortable with pokertracker. But it is minor if hope to improve my play.
Valuable and believable.

With PokerKant(www.pokerkant.com)
It is almost new software. It has features that manage hand history database like Pokertracker; but PokerKant is much easier than Pokertracker.
Players donít have to manage the database table by themselves. Itís almost automatically handled itself. And it is faster than other database software. I can just check my statistics on this software, Pokerkant.
Pokerkant also gives real time hand history statistics while I am playing. It provides player statistics, table statistics, hand statistics, and so on. I love it! It may be #1 software for everyone playing online poker.

:kd: Odds calculator
There are too many odds calculator software-PokerKant, PokerIndicator, poker-spy, HoldemGenius, Calculatem..
But I donít think that odds calculator is essential for poker player. Odds are just odds. I have so many experiences of bad beats. And I still try to become accustomed to my bad beats. I am possibly enough to beat with my AA pocket pairs against opponents 23 off suit. Hahaha, ok, it is POKER. Actually, I think in every head-up situations there is nothing that can determine what to be winning hands. That's why I donít like odds calculator software. Surely, odds calculator gave me some information but I think it is likely to block my instinct in more time. It is not valuable for me in most case.

About odds calculation, I only enjoy the PokerKant's profitable bet limit calculation.-PokerKant software calculates my hands developing probability(based on outs) and gives the bet limit amount at a real-time. The limit amount is calculated based on the pot size and probability. So as long as I adhere to these profitable bet limits, at least my betting is proper; and I feel comfortable even when being beat.

:kd: BookKeeping
If you are a serious poker player, you need to keep your book. Gain/loss and hours are major keeping items in poker.
There are a lot of bookkeeping software and web services.

I like Statking and PokerKant's bookkeeping functions.

If you feel comfortable with handling the files such as txt, cvs, and etc., you can adopt Statking as a bookkeeping program.
If youíre not, PokerKant is a great choice. PokerKant keeps your record automatically. You do not need to fill the items(fields) for your record. When a table is closed, PokerKant automatically makes the records: time-spent hours, gain/loss history(including amount), date, game title and so on. You can just click and check. That's it. It is a great feature. When I used web services for bookkeeping, I should fill the blanks manually.

Hmm... not funny this threads.
Ok, forget it. Always my question is "To make money do I need to choose some software?" Give the answer..


01-07-2007, 02:42 PM
I really think that if you see evry software, going one by one , you will find errors or characteristics that you may not like on each of those softwares , what I believe is that you should look for a reliable software and mostly for a solid company that will allow you to cashout without any troubles if needed, and a company with a good support .