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10-06-2006, 05:38 PM
:ad: Strategy of Flop Seen Rate

The strategy of flop seen rate is a very important strategy, especially for beginner and intermediate players. If you have had less idea about how flop seen rate functions in Texas Hold’em, take a look at the below article very carefully, and it will help you improve your game tremendously.

My flop seen vs. Table flop seen
‘My flop seen’ is the percentage of how many times you see the flop (where you do not fold the pre-flop). ‘Table flop seen’ is the percentage of players who see the flop at your table (players who do not fold the pre-flop). This is very important statistics because flop seen rate is the strongest indicator in poker. Be aware that most of the good players are playing only strong starting hands.

Strategy of flop seen rate
1. If table flop seen is under 20%, this table is deemed very conservative. Try a blind steal more frequently, and if your loose play works, go ahead. However, be careful about raising or re-raising against the conservative opponents.

2. If table flop seen is over 35% - Your play should be more conservative. (Keep your flop seen rate around 20%)

3. In ring games, you should pick up the table which has at least 35% of table flop seen rate (The higher the better).

4. However, the above percentages should be adjusted along with the players’ number of the table. The fewer players there are, the more flops you should see, because if there are fewer players, the minimum requirement for starting hands is getting lower.

<A formula for calculating the proper flop seen rate along with the players’ number>

The proper flop seen rate = 20% + (10-numer of players)*5%

which is,
10 player - 20%
9 player - 25%
8 player -30 %
7 player - 35%
6 player - 40%
5 player - 45%
4 player - 50%
3 player - 55%
2 player - 60%

If your flop seen rate is lower than the proper flop seen rate, it indicates that your play is conservative. If your flop seen rate is higher than the proper flop seen rate, it indicates that your play is loose. Remember that the flop seen rate of most successful Hold’em players is less than 25% at the 9~10 players’ table.

To calculate the accurate flop seen rate, it is essential to be supported by poker odds calculator. I highly recommend you to test it with PokerKant.com program, because it offers more specific flop seen rates you can easily try this theory with. (It’s not a spam! Personally, I am a PokerKant fanatic, for I think it’s literally a well-made poker odds calculator.)

All right, next time I will post lecture #2, a subject of how come people end up all in!