View Full Version : everest poker stole my money :(

06-13-2006, 06:25 PM
This site appears to be a fraud to me,

I have deposited money without a problem, but becuase I was using a computer in a different country to

that in which my bank account was registered they have suspended the account.

Now when I ask for my remaining balance to be returned to the original card, and the account closed they

have requested that I comply with their security policy. Which is a bit rich - I mean, "yup we can take

your money without checking you out" - "oh, you want some of back to the same place, well that must be a

fraud then". Theives.

This would make sense if I was trying to withdraw more funds, but as I am only requesting a refund what

they are doing is in effect fraud.

I have provided them with ::

a front and back scan of my card

a scan of my passport

a scan of a recent credit card statement to the address at which I currently reside

a scan of my provisional driving licence

...and still this is not enough for them. All I get in response from their "support" department is

automated cut and paste emails, and there is no contact telephone number on their site.

I would urge everyone to stay well clear of this bunch of shysters.