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12-06-2005, 09:50 PM
Hey guys

I just recently came across this awesome poker website. They offer monthly poker sponsorships of $20 to start at the two poker rooms they are currently partnered with - CD Poker and Pacific Poker. In addition to this, they offer lifetime rakeback of 30% to start, and you can get up to 40%! Plus, depending on how well you play they will give you monthly sponsorship cash up to $500, and the top 10 players/month will receive rakeback bonuses! For some players, this is upwards of $1000 in bonuses alone - not to mention winnings. In the future they have plans to become the largest repository for both online and offline poker games. Also, very soon they will be holding inter- College and University tourneys for lucrative cash prizes as well as scholarship money! Come join the poker revolution!