View Full Version : Do you lay this AK down?

11-25-2005, 02:07 AM
Playing 1/2 NL when I pick up AKs in the small blind. By the time action gets around to me, there are 6 players in for $5 each after the first bettor made a small raise. There is a chance that I'm trialing a small pair at the moment but I don't think anyone has aces or kings at this point so I'm in good shape. I raise it up to $15 to thin the field a bit and hoping that a raise from my position will show enough strength to possibly pick it up right here. Two people call my bet and the flop comes down K7Q. At this point the pot is about $60-$70 in the pot so I lead out at it for $25. My hand is probably good but you never know if some knucklehead called a big raise with KQ or 77 and just outflopped me. Next guy raises me back $80 which at that point was about half my stack. I have $40 in the pot already and I really would like to take this down but this big bet has me thinking. It is certainly possible that he is bluffing but if he isn't and I call here, it is essentially putting everything in the pot since it would be hard to then fold despite whatever came on the river. There aren't a lot of hands that are beating my top pair, top kicker, but it certainly is possible that he has one of them since he called my preflop raise. I let the clock run almost down and then finally folded. After I did, he flipped over AA so in this case I made the right play.

What would you do in this spot? In general, how do you respond to big bets when you have a strong hand but not the nuts? I have picked off plenty of bluffs in similar spots when I had the other play covered but I tend to be a lot more conservative when the other guy has enough chips to bust me or servely cripple me.

12-18-2005, 07:52 PM
What kind of game are you playing when the UTG raises and still gets 5 callers lol.

Well, its hard to lay down Ak in that spot but, he was the UTG raiser so you know he has to have some good cards.

But this mainly this depends on the table image of the raiser.

I honestly couldnt tell you what I would do here, but I folded Ak last night in this exact same senario.