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10-19-2005, 07:44 AM
Ordinarily in this space, I tell about a recent hand I was involved in. However, for the next two installments, I will do something a bit different. Recently I played in a 53 player tournament with a $100 buy in, in which I was the winner. In each of the next two articles, I will discuss 3 hands which helped propel me to victory in this event.

Round 1

Blinds - $25/$50 Ė 53 players remaining

This was maybe the 8th hand of the tournament. I was in on the button with Ac-3c. No one raised preflop and there was one caller before me so I decided to see a cheap flop. Both Blinds were in and there was $200 in the pot and 4 player.

The Flop was Ah Ė 3h Ė 9d giving me two pair. The Big Blind bet $150 and it was folded to me. I decided to call figuring he was likely betting a weak ace and hoping I could trap him for all of his chips.

The Turn was the 10h putting a flush on the board. This was not exactly the card I was looking for. The Big Blind fired again, this time betting $600. I thought for a few moments. If I raised here, I would be committed to this pot and I am no longer certain that I have the best hand. If I just call, I may be able to get away from it. So thatís just what I do.

The River was the 8c which didnít give me my full house. The Big Blind fired again, betting $1500. If I called here and lost the hand, Iíd be severely crippled and I really didnít think my hand was good. I paused and flipped my cards over face-up showing my two-pair. Why face-up? Sometimes doing so will make your opponent show his cards and I was very curious to see what he had. He obliged and showed two hearts for a flush. Good laydown on my part and I was still able to come back later.

Round 2

Blinds - $50/$100- 49 players remaining

My stack had taken a couple of small dents but I got some funds back when this hand occurred. I was in the Big Blind and looked to see two red Jacks. An early position player made it $400 to go and I just smooth called to see what the flop would bring. I put him on AK.

The Flop was the Jc-9h-Ah, so I flopped top set. I checked and my opponent bet $300 into the pot. I decided to smooth call to really trap him. I knew my hand was best here.

The Turn was the 4 of hearts putting 3 hearts on board. Again. NOT the card I wanted. Again I checked. This time, my opponent bet $500 and again I smooth called.

The River was the 5s and this time I came out firing, betting $1500 of my remaining $1600 into the pot. Why not all in? I didnít want to scare him away. If I announced all-in, he would know I had no fear and knew I would win. I wanted him to think that perhaps I was unsure. He hesitated and called and I showed my set of Jacks. He quietly said ďnice handĒ and threw his cards into the muck.

Round 4

Blinds - $200/$400 with $25 ante

I was on the button and looked to see As-Ks. A middle position player raised to $2000 and to me it seemed like he was trying to steal. I decided now was a good time to go for it and I re-raised All-in for $5000. Everyone folded and the player looked concerned. I had a feeling he had a hand and he was agonizing over the decision as this was for all of his chips. Finally, he ducked his head and called. He had pocket 8ís and it was officially a coin flip situation. Then the flop hit and the drama was gone. The flop was Ac-Kh-Kd, giving me a full house. The only way I could lose would be o running 8ís to give my opponent Quads. It didnít happen and I doubled up. I was now officially a contender.

10-22-2005, 04:07 AM
Great job on the win. Was this a live tournament or online? What was the number of starting chips that everyone was given to start?

In the first two cases with a flush draw on the board, I tend to bet out my strong hands to chase away the draws. It is hard to fold a set so I would rather bet early and force out the draws then try to get more money out of the pot by smooth calling and hoping to dodge another card of that suit.

In the last hand you mentioned, I probably would have done the same thing. It is hard to throw away blig slick suited and you really have to put your opp on KK or AA to fold this hand preflop especially since you were some what low on chips in relation to the blinds.

Again, congradulations on the win. Were you a big stack at the final table or just about average?

10-23-2005, 08:37 PM
It was a offline local indian casino. So therefore winnings were not as generous as online would have been ;) . $2000 in starting chips.... And the story continues in my next installment.