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10-13-2005, 09:39 PM
Not that I plan on becoming your resident movie critic any time soon, but I thought I would abandon the bunker for a few hours to take in this new sports handicapping movie, “Two for the Money”.

Right off the bat you could see the two characters in the flick Al Pacino and Mathew McConaughey were driving down a very dangerous street, as they were throwing numbers around like 10-2, 9-1 and then of course the ultimate weekend, the perfect 12-0!

This just does not happen on a consistent basis folks and when considering a sports service, maybe you should just do what the character John Anthony does at the end and that is “flip a coin”.

Being successful at the investment game when it comes to sports, is very much like the stock market and that is buy stock when it is low and get out when you’re ahead. The media is constantly driving information down our throats to gets us to buy into overvalued teams. Studying injury reports and changes in weather is all fine and dandy, but the linemakers have the smartest computer guys working for them. Every possible statistic is broken down and the line is set, to garner equal betting on both sides.

The idea for any Vegas casino or online casino is to develop happy customers, who win half the time and lose half the time. The customer pays 10% service charge to the casino for the ability to pickup the phone or punch in his bet at the computer and everybody is happy.

What goes up must come down and there are too many variables and elements in a sports match, to make any wager a certain one. When someone gets too full of themselves as the characters did, it is just a matter of time. All you have to do is look at the professional sports teams from year to year, to see what can happen when injuries and complacency set in.

Who would have thought the White Sox would sweep the Red Sox? Who would have predicted that Notre Dame would be this good, or that Michigan would have already lost three games? The whole world is jumping on and off the Patriots bandwagon and my opinion, is that they are going to be lucky to make the playoffs. This does not mean they will lose every game, but I will wait and look for a spot where they are vulnerable.

I will start picking some college and pro football games the next few weeks and please do not use my information for betting purposes, but rather as a harmless experiment.

Now while I consider myself one of the most knowledgeable college football analyst’s in North America, there is no way I will average 80%.

I can promise 58% and that is outstanding and I probably do ten times the research as these guys such as John Anthony do!

10-15-2005, 02:55 AM
An 80% win rate is not possible. You are right, anything on the positive side of 50% and you are doing good. Anyone can get lucky and I believe being perfect for a single weekend is possible but if you are a real sports handicapper covering a wide range of games then you will never be that good all the time.

Other than being the typical hollywood overkill, how was the movie. I'll probably see it when it comes to video just because I'm a Al Pacino fan but I doubt I'll plop down money in the theater unless its with a group of friends who drag me there.