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09-04-2005, 04:07 AM
We have all had days where we sit down and can't seem to do anything right. We have kings and the other guy gets aces. We try to make a bluff and the other guy is sitting with the nuts. We flop a strait only to see someone hit their flush on the river. It all adds up to one thing eventually, leaving the table with less than you sat down with.

How do you handle the situation? Do you try to relax a little and then try to win your money back right away or do you take the opposite approach and give up poker for a day or two. Has a losing session ever spilled over into other parts of your life and caused you to be in a bad mood later or do you find that you handle the ups and downs of poker smoothly never getting too excited by your wins nor too discouraged by your loses?

For the most part, I keep poker seperate from the rest of my life. I doubt if anyone in my family could tell whether I won big or lost big on any given day. The only exception was right before this year's WSOP when I took a really bad beat at the final table of the last satelite I played in. I knew then and know now that I had no realistic chance of doing anything even if I won a seat but I really wanted to play in this years event and worked really hard on my game in the weeks leading up. I made it to a few final tables but just couldn't get the job done. After taking that bad beat and knowing that would be the last satelite for me, I was really discouraged. It was probably the only time that I've carried over being upset to the next day.

Keeping a level head is probably the best but we can't all be stoic like Phil Ivey 24/7 so I'm sure there are others out there who have let a bad beat get them down once or twice.

09-04-2005, 11:37 AM
There are times when your losing that you think you've hit rock bottom when it comes to your play and your luck, and those are the times that seperate the real poker player from the casual (or insert a better term here, its sorta late :)). I posted about how I lost with aces twice in a tourney, that was part of one of the worst days I've had in poker. Whether it was AK vs A5, Pair vs Lower Pair, Trips vs Gut Shot straight draw, nothing would go right for me in any form of poker I played in. I play a mix of tourneys, sit-n-gos, and less often ring games. From my experience in online tournaments there nothing is worse than playing two or three hours of solid poker, making seemingly all the right plays, then getting into an all-in situation that you get bad beated on that either leaves you on the bubble of the money, or the final table.

Usually online I'll try a different poker site (I play on a few), thinking it will "change my luck". That never happens though. Last time I entered some higher stakes Sit-N-Go's to try to gain $$$ back, but I just got bad beated and ended up further down for the day. My advice if you think things are going bad, then just quit for the day. There will be other games to play in at other times. If you let the frustration get to you, then you need to definitely stop for the day. Cool off, do something else. Wherever you play will probably be there the next day. I'm an extremely patient person and I've gotten upset at some sick beats, so I can only imagine how those with less patience deal with the ups and downs of poker.

09-06-2005, 12:50 AM
I couldn't have said it better myself.

06-13-2008, 06:44 PM
i am almost to the point of giving up!! i am so upset with the way that i play and handle my bankroll after a win or a lose. when i win something big i imediately move up to fast and then when i lose some i think that i could move up another level for a couple hour to make back what i lost and then move back down. then i lose more and have to grasp myself but by then i am already down too much to think that i could just play untill i get back.

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