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09-04-2005, 03:39 AM
I apologize for posting this in two places. It really belongs in the site feedback forum but since it looks like a lot of people only read and post on the holdem forum, I'm posting it here too so everyone will see.

Other members have mentioned before that the traffic on this site is really down. I of course would love to see membership continue to grow but even more pressing is the need to have a lot of new posts for members to read.

I have no plans to get long winded so my suggestion, request, plea is simply this; every member make an effort to post three new topics each week. That is all. It is great to see replies to other peoples posts and I strongly encourage everyone to keep replying as well but in addition to replying, please try to make 3 new posts all on your own each week. If we all do that, I know the number of posts will go way up and that in turn will help more people join us and stay members.

EG and tiptheboss do a good job of adding interesting acticles and topics for discussion but as members, we have to start adding more topics of our own.
If you are new to the board or have just been reading but not posting, this is your chance to add your two cents. Unlike some other places, I have yet to see any members criticize someone else or make fun of another member. None of us here are professionals so don't feel like you don't have enough poker experience to say something relevant. We all make bad plays and mistakes but talking about it and getting input from other players is one of the ways to improve your poker game.

I understand a lot of us have limited time. Goodness knows there are days when I don't get time to go online at all. With such busy scheduales, you some times want to use all of the little free time you have to play poker not spend 15 minutes writing and reading about it in a poker forum. While that is perfectly okay, I think we all realize that in order to make more money (and in turn for a lot of us, get more enjoyment from poker) it is necessary to improve your game constantly. One easy way to do that is using this forum to post questions or give advice of your own. I don't always agree with everything I see here but if nothing else, the advice gives me perspective on how other people might see a hand and play it differently. There are so many different playing styles and one of the benefits of having everyone together like this is that so many different players are represented. You know who you are out there, the maniacs, the super tight, the solid agressive, etc.

I'll step down from the soap box now. Hopefully this message along with similar ones that others have posted in the past will help increase the traffic and volume of posts here. Also, to the moderators, it would be really great to see another freeroll, contest, or something to bolster the interest level around here. I know things like that can't come together overnight but I'd be happy just knowing that something is in the works and will happen soon.

09-04-2005, 07:53 PM

We really appreciate you and everyone's participation in the community. Time is definitely the number one obstacle for writing new posts. I agree that if everyone could post 3 posts a week we would have an awesome board. We are very close to partnering up with an online poker room, where we could create our own tournaments with ease. We could start a heads up tournament or create a simple SNG. We also plan on offering the best rake back program in the industry, so stay posted and keep posting. If you have any questions please send me and email or private message.

Remember if your KK or AA gets cracked let us know how.


09-04-2005, 11:15 PM
Very good post by card4. I do whatever I can to add posts about my experiences. I havn't really read too many poker books yet so theres probably not a lot I can post about when it comes to strategy. Mainly when I make posts its about my bad beats which I have plenty of, or about tourney play, etc. I'll try to figure out posts I can make in other areas though.

09-05-2005, 03:18 AM
Another excellent post - I've been contemplating some new contests/trivias to get things going again. One possible idea is "WIN EG'S POKER SET" because, I shamefully never get to use it because there are casinos so close to my house!


06-20-2007, 05:32 AM
Very good post by card4. I havn't really read too many poker books ...