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09-02-2005, 10:15 PM
I have been consistantly making money in SnG's and get very lost in heads up. It just seems like blackjack alot of the time. All ins are rediculously frequent and if you dont call every now and then,.,,you just get blinded/run over by the other players constant all-ins. It gets a bit frustrating

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09-03-2005, 06:34 PM
It sounds like your a tight player.

You can't play tight in heads up play as if i find a tight player staying tight here i will bully them so badly that i will force them to get extremly lucky.

If your playing heads up and they keep betting all-in, then this means two things. They don't go all-in on great hands... K3s maybe going all in. 78s maybe going all-in. The second this player is an aggressive player. To beat the player that goes all-in a lot you have to have a decent hand, however this is where i try and trap my opponents. If you can't play aggressive then in the SB when you got junk then fold it up. If he keeps always raising when you limp in and you have a good hand then limp in and let him raise you where you can go all-in over the top. Be as patient as you can against the player who keeps going all-in. You will be losing blinds and depending on the site and length antes as well. You have a greater chance in being dominating position or at least favorite by doing this.

I have to pressume you still see flops and against these players I totally recommend not trying to bluff as much but more slowplaying when you got a good hand. You play the player more here and remember that if you see a flop like A59 and you hold 9/10 and there was no raise preflop, well this guy would probably raise almost any ace, i would check raise the hand if this guy doesn't raise before. If you are 2nd to act and he bets, then depending on the size of the bet, i would raise all-in or raise something to make him think. If he checks, then a bet has to be made to protect your hand.

09-04-2005, 03:09 AM
Hand values change dramatically heads up. You can't play as tight as you did when it was a full ten players or even as tight as when it was down to three. Heads up, just one person stands between you and the blinds. At this point in the game, the blinds are usually big enough to be worth fighting for.

If you have a big chip advantage, be willing to gamble a little to try to bust the other guy. If you are the short stack, make your move early. At some point you are going to have to double up and while you'd like to have a good hand when you shove all in, if you wait too long then you won't have any chance to win.

Any pair is worth playing, any ace is good too, two big cards are also big hands heads up. Most of the time neither of you will pair on the flop so often the high card will win the pot for you heads up.

Hopefully if its a single table tournament then by the time you are heads up, you will have some sort of a read on your opponent. Keep in mind though that since hand values change so dramatically, you can often expect to see your opponent change his or her playing style as well. There is a lot of luck involved heads up especially since so many pots are all in. Still, if you make the right adjustments, it will make a big difference against an opponent who doesn't also adjust.

09-05-2005, 08:58 PM
I love playing heads up simply because its far easier to get inside the head of someone especially being a girl

haha yous illy boys let me know when you wanna go headsup

09-06-2005, 03:59 PM
I have been working on my heads up play as well and have been pretty successful. Full Tilt offers great heads up tournys if you like slower blinds. Bodog has blinds that will go up much quicker. You do have to play very aggressive and take big risks often. I ALWAYS get control of the game and dictate the pace. One game the other day I just kept running over this poor guy. I won 37 out of 50 hands. And he had the lead most of the time.....

Always be betting heads up. Bet bottom pair, middle pair, any draw, any flop that comes paired, ect. Keep constant pressure on.

I also like trying to make myself look like a total maniac by going all-in quite often, but usually with solid hands. For instance, if I get AQ first hand its all going in preflop. Next hand, KQ. Same thing. Next hand 72, fold. Next, 99 all in. If you get people frustrated enough they will start calling all-ins with K4.

06-20-2007, 05:29 AM
It sounds like your a tight player.Always be betting heads up. Bet bottom pair, middle pair and keep the pressure constantly onn.