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08-25-2005, 01:06 AM
Playing turbo blind tourneys which is my favorite as i hate the early round of blinds compared to the later rounds as i love it when i can make aggressive moves for chips when i have chips... I didn't have many chips today.

Should i have stopped after 5 or 6 tourneys and maybe cool down in play money for a bit or read a book or browse online or something, but it just seemed nothing went right. Below are key hands for myself as i played every tournament tight/aggressive which is my normal style of play.

Im writing this to analyse my play and see what i did wrong and yes i made moves with low pocket pairs, but when the blinds come around that quick and you haven't been getting much else you have to make moves at some point or all-in won't mean anything when you have 400 chips. Feel free to comment on this

Tourney 1

Hand 2 1500 10/20 Qd, Ac. Limp in EP and get raised to 60 by BB. Surprinsgly 4 call behind me (6 total). *** FLOP *** [Qh Jd 9c]
This gives me top pair but there are a lot of players in who called a medium raise. BB bet out 40 and I felt that raising was the best play here and it backfired 3 callers + BB (5 way pot). Ten of clubs on the turn got me out of the pot as I was certain someone had a king and I was right.

I lost a 60 a few hands later with 3/5s in the BB with 15/30 blinds raised to 60. Missed the flop and got out.

Later got JQ suited clubs on the button and I limped to a flop of AA4 (2 clubs). Called the 30 bet on the flop, J-spades giving me a pair of jacks. A bet of 30 to me with a caller behind and I re-raise to 90 with my pair of jacks and draw getting 2 callers. 2 hearts is off. 1 person bets out 180 and I think of the chances of this player in EP is weak and I call and he has just that, an ace and im down to 760.

A few hands later I lost 100 calling a JQs again which missed

With blinds getting taken Iím down to 535 and move all-in with A9os and collecting 75 in blinds.

Im in the BB with Q8s and the blinds at 50/100 I make my move with only limpes and it misses and Iím out.

LESSON LEARNED: Not everyone raises in position in the BB vs. the SB with an ace, but i still think most would with the SB having less chips. I would play this hand the same way probably

A few hands in AQos . first two posís open with 20, 3rd raises to 60 and I call guy after me raises to 120 and me and 3rd pos calls. [6d 2s 4s] and the bet is of 60 and I call. (no one has a straight and probably not even a draw). 7 hearts came and I made a mistake here by calling a 200 bet and I was forced out with a 5 coming off.

A few hands later I won a small pot limping in with KQs and hitting my king.
Lost blinds, then 22 limp which didnít set. Then got pocket aces in EP and I raised 25/50 blinds to 200 and got no callers. (I wasnít going to give them a weak raise on a small stack) that was the weakest I could have done.
Blinds dwindled me down to 880 and with 75/150 I go all-in collecting blinds with A9os
A few hands later I went all in UTG with 44 and got the blinds again
Next hand 10/J os in the BB and with it just the SB with low chips limping in I go all-in knowing that most likely it will be a fold with this tight player.
I doubled up to over 3110 with 99 defeating 55 getting back in the game.
5 players left and with 100/200 blinds I raise to 600 on the button taking the blinds away from tight players with 6/10s
7K in the BB and with a flop of 3-7-10 I took the pot with a bet making up for some blinds and antes Iíve lost recently
8Ks in the BB and 520 more to call with 225 already commited I do and I double him up against 9K and down to 1990
This was one of my fav hands as I limped in the SB with J7s. The BB is chip leader and aggressive. He limped in and a flop of 6, J, A all of hearts and he bet out 400 and I decided if he had an ace he would of raised, question is heart draw or heart flush. I thought long and hard and thought draw, went all-in and he folded.
A/9 clubs and same guy who bet the 400 raised 200/400 blinds to 800 I went all in for 2665 and a fold.
Down to 3 and 300/600 blinds I raise with A6 to 1200 in the SB to the BB and he calls all-in meaning 1875 more to me. I call and face 10/Q os and win with [9d 2s 4s Jd] [Ah]
Heads up on the 2nd hand I got caught betting a draw. Raised in pos with 8/10os and got re-raised the minimum. For pot odds in heads up I called and got a 7 and 9 come up for a draw. He bet 600 and I re-raised all-in with it and he showed JJ and I didnít get either of what turned out to be just 6 outs. Im out.

LESSON LEARNED: Nothing wrong with folding a junk hand when you get raised.

-Called a raise of 60 with A6s. I guess I shouldnít have as it cost me on the flop when I missed
-Iíve been blinded and entered about 3 pots with good starting hands in good position and missed them all and with blinds at 75/150 I make a move with A5 diamonds against a maniac who raised in 1st pos to 450 for all 1150. He showed 10/7 diamonds and a ten came up on the river to give me a 5th place finish.

LESSON LEARNED: Played this tournament perfect. This player played maniac style the whole way i knew in fact i was moving in with the best hand with A/5s and in fact i was and got unlucky.

-First hand worked out, 56s to the left of the button and i limped with 5 total to a flop of [8h 2s 7d]. A bet of 80 to me in which I call. Flop is bingo bango with a 9 with 2 hearts and I call the 100 bet. River is an As, (beauty card) and a 100 bet I raise to 400 and get called to a much hand. 2240 entering hand 2
-At 2450 I had K8s to the left of the button and this worked out great. The button and SB are both tight players and the BB is sitting out so I raised to 200 on 50/100 and got reraised all-in but I loved the play (of course I folded but took time to push the button)
-A bit later I called a raise with A6 (maybe I shouldnít have) after I bet out and a flop of [Qd 5c 5d] came. I checked and he bet 300, I reaised this aggressive player and he folded going to chip lead and 3000 chips
-After failing a blind steal the hand previous I had AKos with 2325 in chips. I got raised to 750 and I re-raised all-in and called. It didnít matter when the all in was as the flop was A-10-3 so I normally would have liked that flop but he had 10/10. Iím out.

LESSON LEARNED: Played well i think. Ran into a pair with AK and was out. You need to hit your coinflips in poker to win.

-I didnít play a pot for a while and had 45s and with a flop of Q33 I lost some chips trying to bluff with a raise on a bet which got re-raised all-in
-Didnít play a hand for a while and the blinds dwindled me down to 830. UTG I get 44 and with 50/100 I guess I should have waited for a better spot but I go all-in and get called by both 99 and 88 and lose.

LESSON LEARNED: Well i could be critized for moving in with a low pair where i know im 19% or 54ish%. The only thing is the blinds can be collected, which are huge for a short stack when you have 830 to blinds of 100 in a turbo game. When you are not getting the hands you need to find something that is playable on an all-in

-2nd hand of the game I limp in MP with A/10 and the flop comes [4h Ks Js]. Bet of 40 with a caller and I call also. Queen comes up on the turn. I check/raise and there is a bet of 60 and I raise it to 160 with my straight and get called. 2 of spades on the river giving a possible straight. I check, and he checks and he shows 6s/4s and wins with a flush. Nothing I could have done and was fortuanate I didnít lose anything on the river.
-Q9 in the SB and I limp in with a flop of [As 2h 9c]. With it just the battle of the blinds I didnít think he had an ace or he would of raised in this spot as it wasnít a family pot and especially because this player seems a bit aggressive. Check/Check. Ace on the turn and now the chances seemed less of that and 60 bet came out called. I felt he was making a move and in fact my nines were good and called. Ten comes on the river. I bet out 80 and was raised to 240. Is this a bluff or does he have an ace??? I felt the percentage of a bluff factor was higher and I called. Sure enough A/6 and he won the pot and Iím down to 940
-On the button without a raise I move all-in for 1140 with 66 losing to 88. Once again I ran into a pocket higher in position where it was less of a chance. Iím out again.

LESSON LEARNED: Similar spot as before with the pressumtion of my opponent not holding an ace with no raise before the flop in a situation where many people would raise with hands like A6os. even against a limper. The all in i think i should have waited as the blinds to my chip stack were lower and it may have been a sign of small tilt.

-2nd hand in the game I limp in late pos with Q/10 os. Flop comes[9d 6c Td]. It is a 6 way pot so I have to be cautious and a 100 bet UTG and Iím the only caller. On the river comes a 4 of spades and a very sizeable bet got me to lay down top pair.
-AQ I have in 2nd pos of 8 with 1260 in chips and 25/50 blinds and I raise to 100. 2 directly after me call. [Ac Js 8s]. I check raise and the last person bets 100 and I raise to 300 and he calls. 3 spades on the turn (scare card). Check/Check (doubt he has the flush). River brings a 4 hearts which looks like a blank and I bet out 250 and win the hand.
-On the button with KK I had 1985 in chips 50/100. and I raise to 200 with person before me calling. Sensed it weak with EP folding and limping before and get called by the BB and the original caller. [8h Qc Td] is the flop and its checked to me. No free aces guys im all in and if you got a queen thatís great. I do in fact get called by AQ. Turn and river bring 9 and and ace and that brought me down to 555
-Nothing at all and when I was in the BB with Q8s spades I lost to A9os and get eliminated yet again.

LESSON LEARNED - 80% unfortuantly isn't a win. I played great and got unlucky.

-1390 left in chips as I lost some blinds and one small pot and I get AKos and with 2 callers UTG (15/30) I raise it big to 200 and they both call. [7c Jd 3h]. Worried about a pair a bit but Its checked around and bingo a king on the turn. UTG bets 120 and I raise it to 400 and get called. River brings a 10 and no possible flush. He bets out 180 and I just call and he shows J/10. Talk about luck. He called with a weak hand and got lucky on the river and my bad luck continues.
-4 hands later with 610 in chips I get AKos again and get no callers on an all-in bet
-A few hands later I move all in with A9 and get called by KJ and well another loss with the best hand and Iím out

LESSON LEARNED: Nothing learned, only the fact that i know that these loose callers who like hands that are suited and KJ (you know the kind im talking about) will win some pots because they are involved in more. Once again i guess 90% isn't necessarily a win either. Luck in the short run is supposed to play

-A few hands go by and its 25/50 blinds and I have 5/3os. The raise is to 100 so for 6 to 1 on my money I call and get a flop of K33 rainbow (excellent). I have trips. 4 Players and one just bet 300 and I called with the intention of winning later on. I put this player on a king and on the turn brought a king. He goes all in on the turn which would leave me with under 400 if I called and lost and because I put him on a king I folded keeping my stack barely above 1000.
-Collected the 2 blinds the next hand on an all-in bet from SB with 44 and it worked.
-With 2/6os and only 930 left killed from blinds its folded to the SB who limps in for the 75/150 blind and I move all-in knowing that an all-in loss would bring him down to under 600 and if he had a hand he would have definitely raised the short stack. He called and showed K5 suited spades and I lost again.

LESSON LEARNED: 2 hands really. I think the trip 3s were unlucky. There is only about a 4-6% of a king coming so in most cases i can safely come out and make a big move on the turn as any card but an ace will put out a nice bet but me unless it's a 3 where i would call a medium/large bet and raise a small one. The all-in hand i learned that some people like to gamble or he had the instinct i was making a move at the blind.

08-25-2005, 05:48 AM

I give you much, much credit. You've analyzed your play and, I think, gotten the most
important things you can get from losing. Knowledge and insight. You're not screaming
and bawling about the way things went. I admire people who can look back at any
setback, whether it's poker, business, or just life in general, and learn. That's called

I'd like to comment on your Lessons Learned:

"Not everyone raises in position in the BB ..." Mixing up play style of is smart. Don't be

"Nothing wrong with folding ..." I totally agree.

"... and got unlucky." No matter how much I know, how smart I am, I've never found
a way around the other guy getting lucky. If you're playing chess and never make the
wrong play, you cannot lose. The worst you can do is draw. Sadly, poker ain't chess.

"... hit your coinflips ..." Again, you got it right.

"... not getting the hands ..." And nobody's ever found a way around that situation.

"... the pressumtion " Sometimes I guesses right and sometimes I guesses wrong.

"... played great and got unlucky." And the beat goes on.

"... loose callers ..." Calling stations drive me up the freakin' wall.

"... some people like to gamble or he had ..." Been there, done that - too many times.

Good luck in everything you face, and as Mike Sexton says, "May all your cards be live,
and all your pots be monsters."

08-25-2005, 07:16 AM
Decided too not put anymore money on the line until this ends and went in a player point freeroll satellite for a WCOOP event and with 417 entrants i finished in 148th place, however i had pretty much nothing:

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 41 hands and saw flop:
- 2 out of 4 times while in big blind (50%)
- 1 out of 3 times while in small blind (33%)
- 3 out of 34 times in other positions (8%)
- a total of 6 out of 41 (14%)
Pots won at showdown - 0 of 1 (0%)
Pots won without showdown - 0

Only 7 times in the blinds and 34 not in the blind. I got lucky and got moved a couple times and for about 15 or 16 hands (maybe more) didn't post a blind. I kept getting hands that were not playable. A4 UTG and i had to fold that. I had A5s on the button and i limped in, but with 2 all-in bets i had to fold that it was a smart fold based on my opponent having AA, but a flush did come out. Thats part of the game. I made many good decisions like folding KJs with a raise and sure enough AK was there. I folded Ace/rag suited with an ace on the board (guy showed A/10). I'm glad that i didn't play at all on tilt. My strategy is not super-tight by any means but sometimes I get these tourneys where the stats look that sick. Finally i picked up Ace/King of hearts and moved all my chips in and well lost to QQ. My bet frequency is usually over 25% on most tournaments and as high as even 40% when i get some great hands and good spots to play marginal hands.

Sometimes i wonder if there really are pokergods and they make sure that you get both sides of the mix. As i improve my game I feel that it maybe best to do FPP tourneys and fake money for a bit and go back after things come back to normal.

08-28-2005, 03:18 AM
The cards were definitely not running your way. I have some what of a love hate relationship with single table tournaments because in some ways they are great. You can almost always find a good game with some weak players, your time and money comitments are pretty much fixed (you cant lose more than your buy in and typically dont play more than an hour). The problem I have is that short term luck can have a big impact on your fluctuations. When it gets down to four or five people with high blinds then ultimately you have to have the cards since you won't be able to bluff any reasonable player off a hand. You can win five in a row and start to think you are a better player than you actually are when in fact you just got good cards or lucky in key spots. Also, good players can get discouraged if they have a long stretch of out of the money finishes even when they played technically sound. There are going to be tournaments and some times series of tournaments where it seems like the rest of the table is getting the big pairs and AK and you are stuck starting at the same 2 7 hand after hand.

When the cards aren't going your way, I think its a true sign of a good player to stay disciplined and continue to play your best game making the best decision in each situation. If you can do that all the time then eventually the cards will take care of themselves and you will find yourself in the money more often than not.