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08-14-2005, 07:54 PM
Ok, I got started playing online probably around a year ago. I was first introduced to online poker my uncle, but I wasn't too trustworthy of the sites. I was interested enough to play for fun on Pacific Poker. After turning my $1000 into over $25000 and hours of practice, I was itching to try it for real.

Then it happened. I was looking at slickdeals.net forums and found a thread that claimed free money! It had a link to a site that would give you $50 for opening a Bodog account. AND......you only had to deposit $20. So I knew I would be $30 to the good no matter what. I played a $5 SnG at Bodog. I won the first one!! Then I went to a .50/1.00 NL game. I actually thought it was .05/.10 at first. I ended up winning $140 in no time (playing totally reckless). And then I lost it all back the same night. Easy come easy go.

So then I started signing up for other sites mainly for bonuses. And I hit up a few BlackJack sites to get my bankroll started quickly. (email me if you want some BJ info). Now I have played at the following sites: Bodog, Party, Paradise, Absolute, Noble, Pacific, and Full Tilt. Each of them have their pros and cons and I will discuss my opinions. Also be aware, I enjoy Sit n' Gos and I very rarely play limit.

1. Bodog (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=41): I personally love this one. Neverending 20% reloads and you can work it off by playing tournys. The software is quick, smooth and looks good too. The customer service is great too. Once they screwed up and gave me too much money after I withdrew. They called and ask for it back, but let me keep half of it!! Its a smaller site and you will run into the same people quite a few times but I kind of like that.

2. Party (http://www.partypoker.com/index.htm?wm=2575640): At first I hated Party, but I kinda of like it now. It looks outdated and the bad beats can drive you crazy. However, the same people who catch those miracles on the river, are the same ones padding your pocket consistently. The reloads are nice and frequent at Party. The tournys suck though and the smallest NL games are .10/.25. Some odds things about Party is when two players are all in they don't automatically show the hole cards as most sites do. Its a little scary when you've got QQ all-in preflop and the cards come rolling out AKx and you have no idea what the other guy has. You will always find a game at Party too.

3. Paradise (http://www.paradisepoker.com?adv_id=a_1794b_79): Nice looking software, decent traffic, weak bonuses. Nothing really stands out to me about Paradise. Everything is average here. They have a good selection of games that includes some very small micro games.

4. Pacific (http://www.PacificPoker.com/?sr=323961): Terrible software. Decent tournys. I have been disconnected more here than anywhere else. Its got is fair share of bad players, mainly due to its link with blackjack and video poker players that come from 888.com.

5. Absolute: Reloads all the time, but it takes forever to work off the bonus money since its structured like Paradise. 100 raked hands of .25 or more to clear $10. The software is bad. I've had it lock up a few times. The marketing is hardcore. They will call you and try to get you deposit. One thing I do like is their 7 card stud Hi/lo games. The major difference between Absolute and other sites is their buy ins on NL games. They are usually double what other sites are. For instance, a .10/.25 NL game at Party, Bodog, or anywhere is $25 max. At Absolute its $50. This can make for some interesting micro-limit NL games.

6: Noble (http://banner.noblepoker.com/cgi-bin/redir.cgi?id=N&member=pmpdc&profile=platinum): This is a smaller site with hard to clear bonuses. Not much traffic and the software isn't the best looking. They recently changed it a little to look more like partys. They have some interesting SnG promotions (win 7 in a row, get 1,000,000) but I don't like the structures. Their "turbo" games are very quickly paced. The only give you a few seconds to act. I folded quad nices once. Don't even try to multi-table on those things.

7: Full Tilt (http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/?aff=511&code=): This is my latest venture. The bonus are hard to clear but can be cleared by playing SnG's. Thats always a plus for me. Its cool to watch the pro's play too. In the last 2 days I've seen Phil Ivey finish 7th, 7th, and 1st in $5 SnG's!!! The tournys are great in my opinion. The blinds go up slowly and you are rarely forced into a all-in fest because of them. The traffic is decent and the software is good as well. One thing I don't care for though is you can't fold your cards at showdown if its checked to you. I don't like people to see my cards when I play garbage.


For .05/.10 NL games = Bodog
For .10/.25 NL games = Party (softer games because their aren't lower limits)
For SnG's = Full Tilt, Bodog (if your clearing bonus money, Bodog is paying you to play SnG's)
For Omaha = Party (great traffic)
For 7 card Hi/lo = Absolute or Paradise
For play money = Paradise (they have 5 card draw and pinapple!!)
For Razz = Full Tilt (because there is no where else)

08-15-2005, 03:02 AM
I've have played all the sites you mention and I am with you on all you said. Here's some others.
BODOG: I played in the WSOP and BODOG, FULL TILT, and BLUFF Magazine went all out, giving out shirts, hats, decks of cards, photos, posters, chocolate bars, as well as having a courtesy room, and sponsoring a bubble prizes worth $10,000 each.
When I got home I deposited into BODOG. I've played about four games and miss
Full Tilt (FTP).
FULL TILT: My favorite. You can display the lobby to see how your stand, see your statistics, see the chat, and play the table all at one time. Also, when I play elsewhere I find I miss the "LAST HAND" feature FTP offers.
PARTY: I'd rather start off with 1500 chips, than 1000.
ABSOLUTE:Just your basic poker site. Nothing special.
PARADISE: Nice sofware, but lacks the features of Full Tilt.
THE GAMING CLUB: It took so long to get from the lobby to the table, I had to pull my money out.
POKER CHAMP: Can't seem to find a $30-$50 game.

08-17-2005, 02:04 PM
RV Poker isn't bad either. Lots of fish. Turned $200 into $400 in a couple hours playing $0.50/$1. Subsequently lost most of that on a couple of bad beats (sometimes those fish bite ):). Showed some self control and have turned my piddly $20 into $200. Need lots of patience with those maniacs but I like the advice on this site of playing multiple tables to combat the boredom.

08-18-2005, 01:41 PM
I play a good portion of my poker on RV Poker (I'm assuming your talking about Royal Vegas Poker). Yeah the .50/1 games there are quite crazy, but I find that true at other sites also. RV isn't the place to play regular sit-n-go's but has a good amount of multi-table daily guaranteed tournaments. I've also played for real money on PP, Pokerstars, and Bodog. With my first real money deposit at Bodog, they gave me a free entry into the 100k Sunday Guaranteed tourney. (thats usually a $109 buy-in). I got bad beated, but still I thought that was awesome!. Btw GamesGrid poker also has Razz, both real $$ and play chips although traffic is light there unless its peak hours.

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09-11-2005, 06:00 AM
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