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08-12-2005, 03:09 AM
I am in hell lately lol the cards just arent flowing the rightdirection for the last month. I mean nothing but crap starting hands and when i do get soemething decent everyone folds it off even after a minimum bet. how long was your longest cold streak and what did you do to break it?

08-12-2005, 03:35 AM
Every poker player goes through streaks of cold cards. I can relate completely since I just came off my worst month financially playing poker in July. I of course don't win every time out but last month was the first time I had a negative total since I started playing. It seemed like I was constantly making second best hands or getting drawn out on. There is nothing more frustrating then getting junk hands for an hour and then when you finally pick up a big pair, someone playing junk draws out on you and wins.

I still don't know that the cards have gone my way too much this month. I've been lucky and able to get away with a few bluffs in the sessions that I've played this month to have a small amount in the plus column. I think QQ may be the best hand I've gotten this month and I had to fold that on the flop in a multiway pot when both an ace and king hit. Of course, I haven't played a lot of Holdem so far this month either. I've been playing tounraments and O8B in ring games mostly. After a dissapointing July, I also haven't been playing as much as usual. One of the leaks in my game is playing when I don't have enough time and so I'm rushed and not completely focused on the table.

I don't know if there is any sure fire way to break a cold streak. You just have to ride it out and lose the minimum while the cards are bad. I've heard of pros who had losing years so you can run bad for a while. My advice would be to keep playing tight and maybe even tighten up more. If you find yourself getting frustrated, just do something else, maybe another type of poker or something else entirely. I find taking a break helps. There is a lot of ups and downs in poker, even playing for small stakes like most of the people on this forum do. I think the biggest thing is just limiting your losses and not going out and burning up your bankroll getting on tilt after several sessions full of bad cards. I'm sure I lost more than I had to last month and when I went back and looked at some of the key hands, I can see now how I might have played them differently.

08-13-2005, 02:49 AM
I've hit a cold streak (a pretty costly one) in the last few weeks. I have a tough time maintaining a good attitude when I'm seeing so many bad beats, and when my attitude is bad, my play is bad. So I've taken the last week off, to step back and cool off. In the mean time I'm reading some poker books I've been meaning to get to. Hopefully when I go back to the tables, the cold streak will have worn off. If not, then maybe the book knowledge will help me stay consistent with my play anyway. :)

08-16-2005, 04:36 AM
Thanks for the replys guys i took the weekend off and am about to start the grind again just going to play supertight for a bit i guess would be nice to be the other guy once in awhile that actually gets the draws lol

08-18-2005, 01:47 PM
I've also hit a coldstreak as well. I've tried to play lesser buy-in tourneys and such, and also tighten up my play a little bit. The strange part is I actually think I've been making better decisions and playing better, yet the results aren't showing. I've made some pretty big laydowns when I've actually got some cards and most of the time they have been correct. And then yesterday I played and didn't get AA or KK once. I got Queens a few times during the day though, yet twice I ended up against pocket Kings and another against suited AK that flopped a full house (in various sit-n-gos mainly). I can tell you its hard to lay down a premium hand when its the first good one you have seen in what seems like days, but I have done so on occassion. Keep cool and try to limit your losses, and keep making correct decisions. Thats what I tell myself, but its often hard to do.

08-18-2005, 11:24 PM
I'm currently on another bad streak and they come and go. The one main factor is life is about confidence. When you see baseball players in a month hit for 20 of 22 games and hit .430 with 9 homers then they are hot, but the confidence helps them out to as you are on top of the world. If they have hit in 9 of 22 games and are hitting .178 with 0 HR's, then they are slumping and are not confident. The thing is when you are hot, things will go your way and you will feel them coming. When you are cold then your game is off and it just seems that something is going to happen.

In poker it is all the same. I try and stay confident but its hard. I posted a bad beat in a tournament where i played for 3 hours of great poker and in the hand before the final 6 i was raining chip leader since the last break started and started the final 6 in 2nd place. I hit KK and got hit hard on it against K7. I kept my confidence but unfortuantly lost A8 to 78 and this seems to happen.

Lately when im in dominating position im hardly winning at all. When im in dominated position once again (like i should) im hardly winning at all and when i am in a race situation i am winning very low.

My streaks generally don't last too long. My longest loosing streak which i managed to get my money back in only 5 days lasted 2 weeks long.

08-19-2005, 05:05 AM
Excellent advice Return2005. I definitely think there is something to the whoe self fulfilling prophesy thing. If you always think you are going to get drawn out on when you are all in with the best hand then chances are you will. If you expect to lose you are a lot more likely than if you expect to win no matter how the cards are going at the moment.

A good example is watching a guy like Carlos Mortenson play on FSN in the poker superstars tournament. This guy caught some cards and was able to win his second tournament after finishing last in his first match. After that, he played confident no matter if he was leading or losing and never had the look on his face like he was going to lose. He ended up winning his next four and almost won the last 5 out of 6 matches after finishing dead last in the opener.

When you have the best hand, be confident that it will hold up, when you are drawing, visualize one of the cards you need comming off the deck. It doesn't work every time of course but I think keeping a good attitude is a key to winning. If you find that because of some bad beats you aren't able to stay positive then its usually best to get up and leave the table right then and there no matter how much you have lost so far. If you are in a tournament and take a beat, don't be in a rush to throw away the last of your chips. The chip and the chair story is very true and even if you don't battle back to win it all, you can some times build your stack back enough to make in to the money and then have a chance to contend for the final table money.

06-20-2007, 05:35 AM
I have a tough time maintaining a good attitude when I'm seeing so many bad beats, and when my attitude is bad, my play is bad.When i am in dominated position once again (like i should) i am hardly winning at all and when i am in a race situation i am winning very low.
and my streaks generally don't last too long.