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07-28-2005, 03:17 PM
I am cursed by freaking AJ. It has destroyed me ever since my fateful drunken $50 all-in hand in Vegas. Yesterday, I was playing a home game and kept popping up in my most important hands.

Hand 1: Early in the game I get pocket 8s. A girl sitting to my right makes a very small raise so I reraise a little, hoping to buy and extra card if the flop comes big. Flop comes: :6h: :9h: :jh:. She checks and I take a stab. She calls. Instantly I put here on the nut flush draw. My uncles voice is ringing in my head, "I hate playing against girls. They always try to draw out on you." Turn card is the :js:. She checks and I think I am still ahead. I go all-in. Not the brightest thing to do but I was SURE she was on the draw. She looks likes she is going to fold and then shows here cards to everyone on the table expect me and they tell her not to fold. She had :ac: :jc:. Never seen it coming. Time to rebuy.

Hand 2: I look down and find :as: :js: and put in a small raise. The two callers are good players. Flop comes :ad: :jh: :th:. UTG checks, I check, button checks. Next card........:ah:!!!!! Finally AJ working for me!! BB checks. I had and aggressive table image at this time so I think I can get a call, but hopefully entice a raise. I make a small bet. Button calls, and sure enough I get check raised by the BB. I hesitate thinking he either has an Ace or hit his flush. I decide to just call to get the other guys money in too. Plus I have position on the raiser. Next card :tc:. BB checks. I think hes slowplaying the Aces full. So I go all-in. Button folds. BB folds his flush. RRRRRRRRR. Should have won a huge pot with this one. Should have reraised the check raise.

Hand 3: Getting later in the tourny and blinds are eating away. I find :3h: :3d: on the button. I force the BB to an all-in decision and he does it. He has :ac: :jd:. He rivers the :jc:. Ouch. That hand hurt me.

Hand 4: Blinds are way up. At this point one Ace is an allin for almost everyone. I am BB. Look down at :ac: :jc:. Not even the small blind calls.

Hand 5: UTG. I need to steal. I have garbage. I run into........you guessed it. :ah: :jh:. I am put out in 4th place.

Dear Ace Jack, please listen. I am sorry for what ever I have done. I really do like you. Can we be friends again? Come on, this is crazy. Get your suits and come over to my hand. We can work this out.

07-28-2005, 04:13 PM
A-J is actually not that bad to me. its more A-Q i find that curses ppl. for instance Phil Ivey, he got eliminated 10th in 03 with it, in the WPT Championship this season with it. also my friends cursed hand is A-Q. I dont really have a cursed hand but with u, that second hand with A-J and u won that pot when the guy folded the flush, u still won a pot and didnt loose it. also he raised and u had a couple of bets in there so it was most likely a fairly big pot. also that hand with the girl showing her hand to every1, she cant do that, show one show all.

07-28-2005, 06:54 PM
I'd like to send a similar letter to AQ. Heh heh. Nice post.

Actually come to think of it, I do recall getting my Ace Ten pounded in the dirt by Ace Jack last night. You have my sympathies, adampad. ;)

07-28-2005, 09:44 PM
Yeah, the girl was warned that she couldn't do that anymore. As for the hand I won, I should have been much more. I could have knocked one of the best players out, become chip leader by far, and took total command of the tourny.

And with 2 hours of posting this, I get knocked out of a MTT with a small pocket pair to...............Ace freaking Jack.

07-30-2005, 04:44 AM
AJ is another one of those difficult hands. Its worse than AQ and you know how much trouble that hand gives people. I used to play this hand a lot more often then I do now because it looks like a premium hand. In an unraised pot in late position then its definitely a raising hand. In early position though, I tend to just limp in or some times throw it away all together. I seldom will call a raise because it is just too easy to be dominated.

I just got bumped from a sng out of the money playing this hand. It was down to 7 players and everyone was hanging around with roughly the same number of chips which was rare as the blinds were getting huge. With about 1200k in chips and the blinds at 100-200 I shoved all in with AJ off suit. I get called miraculously by a hand that I am a big favorite over, A10s. He hit his flush on the turn and I went out. Oh well, plenty more AJ losing stories out there. I just missed the final table of a MTT two nights ago going out in 12th when my AK lost to AJ hitting a strait after I paired on the flop. Some times lady luck just isn't on your side.

08-01-2005, 06:54 PM
in may or june there was a week where i was watching AJ lose consintantly that it was much harder and in fact i played it less because of what was going on... SO many times i seen it losing that It got so bad that AJ would win 30% in dominating pos vs. another ace (lower kicker) or the flush/straight would beat the AJ which had a good flop. I seem to get these with hands now and then where some hands will go on winning or losing streaks

08-04-2005, 03:25 AM
Well anyone wanna take a guess at the hand I went down with in the T4P freeroll........