View Full Version : Mondays are my "day off".

06-06-2005, 07:14 PM
Lately I have been playing a lot of poker and not doing as well as I should. I really think I need to slow down and stop playing 2 tables at a time and different games at that. I am going to focus on quality instead of quantity. I usually play everyday at least 3 hours or so. Sometimes I catch myself joining a SNG and then thinking that I wish I didn't enter it or simply not focusing on it. So I will now give myself Mondays off.

Some of my friends are also a little burned out (broke). This weekend end at our usual Saturday night home game, we actually played Uno, rummy, and a few games of bullshit. I sucked at rummy, but tore it up at bullshit!

Saying that, how often do you guys play?

06-07-2005, 03:42 AM
I'd play every day if I could but the time is just not there. I try to get in about 3-4 sessions a week for about an hour or two each, more if I can. Time constraints really limit play I guess since I hardly every sign up for MTT since I know I'm most likely looking at 2 hours minimum just to finish in the money.

I probably could get in a little more time at the tables if I didn't read poker books or post here but I think personally that I benefit from extra study. There is still a lot of ways that I can improve and other games that I'd like to increase my skill level at in order to become a better overall poker player.

I think the idea of a day off is good. I used to take Sundays off but now I don't have any set days. If I have plenty of time availible and I'm feeling good, I play. If I know I have less than an hour or there are other things I need to do, I won't play because I know that I'll just be distracted or feel rushed and not play my best. Being able to decide not to play is a luxury that comes along with not relying on poker for my income. At the same time, I truly believe that to get really good you have to play alot so I try to play as often as I can when the situation is right.

06-07-2005, 06:27 PM

Playing every day can take a toll on both your life and bankroll. It's good that you are seeing this and admitting it to yourself. Remember poker is addicting and playing to much will most likely make you lose that roll. It's good to see you playig other games.

As for me, I play almost everyday. I try to limit it to just an SNG or a MTT. I haven't been playing ring gamees lately either. Limiting myself wass the best thing I did over a year ago. Now, I look forward to playing again.