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05-30-2005, 03:27 AM
Hey everyone,

Its been quite a while since my last post on the forum. I'm still a big supporter of tips4poker, I've just had some stuff with work and family in the last few weeks that has severly limited my free time. I opted to spend what little time I had availible at the tables rather than posting. It looks like all that is behind me now so hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently.

With all that out of the way, here's a hand that came up in a $3/$6 limit game the other night. I pick up Jc10c on the button and its folded to me so I raise it trying to steal the blinds. SB folds and BB reraises. I had been playing more aggressive than usual and doing my fair share of stealing at this point so I figured he may just be making a play back at me. The big problem of course is that even if he is bluffing, there is a good chance he is doing so with the best hand since J10 is pretty weak. I called with the intention of folding on the flop unless it hit me hard. Ac Qd Kh on the flop giving me the nuts (thank you poker gods). He leads out and I raise. To my surprise, he folds flashing AQ. I didn't show but he typed in the chat after the hand that he knew I had J10 and he wasn't going to chase a made hand.

I give the guy credit for a dead on read, J10 is certainly a possible option but in his shoes I would also be considering AK, AQ, AJ, A10, KQ, KJ, K10, Q10, QJ, QQ, KK, AA. In no limit, if I had made a big bet and he knew for certain what I had, then I don't blame him for folding, but to fold for a single raise on the flop in limit with top two pair against one opponent who entered with a possible steal raise?

It was one of those situations where I was happy to collect the pot but left scratching my head afterwards wondering what was he thinking.

06-22-2005, 03:39 PM
That was a great read on his part.

Seeing as he properly made you with the nut straight however, maybe the pot odds weren't in his favor to go chasing a boat to beat you. Let's see:

He had 4 outs so that's like what 11 to 1 to make his hand. Now his pot odds,

Pre flop, 3+6+12(your raise)+(18 his reraise)+(18 your call)=57
Flop, 6+12=18

So I guess there was 75 in the pot. that's about 12 to 1 pot odds.

Wow, you're right Card. It was profitable to call you at this point and see the turn.

I wouldn't say it was a bad fold, just a cautious one, lol. But it was worth a shot.

06-22-2005, 07:14 PM
I lost a lot of money the other day on almost exactly the same setup. Don't remember much of the details, but I got AQ (the only real hand I was dealt in about the last 30-40) and had only one call to my raise (about 6xBB). The caller was a maniac who played anything. The flop came AKQ. I bet out, he raised, and I reraised him for all of his chips (he was short stacked). He called and showed JTo. He doubled up and I took a serious hurting.

I wish I had Card's opponent's foresight. ;)