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05-19-2005, 10:29 PM
E3 2005: World Championship Poker 2 (Crave Entertainment)
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Some people might find it hard to believe that much of any innovation can come from a poker PC game, but Crave Entertainment would have something to say about that. They had tremendous success with their previous title in this genre, World Championship Poker, and seek to continue their lucky streak with World Championship Poker 2 for the Xbox and Playstation 2 consoles.

Not satisfied resting on their laurels, Crave sought to bring new dimensions to the classic card game by adding some not-so traditional features. Rob Sandberg, producer/designer of Point of View Inc, calls the sequel a mix between “The Incredibles and Catch Me If You Can.” The developers added some rpg-lite elements to the gameplay that allows for some character development over the course of the player’s poker career. The player starts out “small time” by playing in his parent’s basement, with a group of friends. As the player acquires experience and legal tender, he is able to move out and get an apartment. Depending on the player’s success or failure, he may be able to upgrade his “pad” or have to pawn items of value to recoup losses. Additionally, the player has a limited number of skill points to distribute that further develop the character’s abilities, such as bluffing. Speaking of bluffing, this aspect of the game is creatively added through a mini-game type of system that enables the player to either suppress or express a bluff to other NPCs or players.

Overall, World Championship Poker 2 has 14 types of poker with varying levels of opponent difficulty. Players can also chose to play against up to 6 other live players through Xbox Live as well as an online matching system supported by the PS2. Users of the iToy will also find a home in WCP2 as the game fully supports this input device on the PS2 version. WCP2 also includes some card games consider more home-play like baseball for those not ready to take the full poker plunge. All in all, Crave’s ingenuity and reasonable price point for their upcoming sequel to World Championship Poker definitely looks to follow in the footsteps of their previous title in garnering both critical and consumer praise.