View Full Version : Just finished a MTT at Bodog.....

05-14-2005, 10:32 PM
It was a $10 buy in that paid out in tourny credits. $110 in credits to one player for every 11 players that joined. Unfortunately, 54 people joined. One more and 5 players would be paid out.

Anyway, I started out great. Got a couple of nut straights and played them perfect. I was the chip leader early. I held my position for most of the tourny. I was almost always top 3 or 4. Finally I make it to the final table. People kept hanging around and drawing unreal cards to keep from elimination. Eventually I catch a great flop and take the chip lead with only 7 players left. I keep building my stack until I am in a very comfortable position. Two players were about to be blinded out. I had over 20k while most players only had 1-5k. Only one more player had to be out before the tourny ended. Then this happens:

phopkinsWVU Set dealer/Bring in spot 3 16:43:23
thajoker Ante/Small blind $ 600.00 16:43:23
adampad Big blind/Bring in $ 1,200.00 16:43:23
MADA1970 Card dealt to a spot 16:43:23
phopkinsWVU Card dealt to a spot 16:43:23
thajoker Card dealt to a spot A K 16:43:23
adampad Card dealt to a spot Q 10 16:43:23
potnut Card dealt to a spot 16:43:23
potnut Fold $ 0.00 16:43:35
MADA1970 Fold $ 0.00 16:43:36
phopkinsWVU Fold $ 0.00 16:43:36
thajoker Raise $ 1,800.00 16:43:42
adampad Call $ 1,200.00 16:43:43
Betting round completed Last active pot = $4,800.00 16:43:43
Card dealt to table Q 9 7 16:43:43
thajoker All-in $ 8,330.00 16:43:49
adampad Call $ 8,330.00 16:43:54
Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.00
Side pot 4 = $21,460.00 16:43:56
Card dealt to table 7 16:43:56
Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.00
Side pot 4 = $21,460.00 16:43:58
Card dealt to table 6 16:43:58
Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.00
Side pot 4 = $21,460.00 16:44:00
thajoker Showdown Show card: Pair
7 7 A K Q 16:44:00
adampad Showdown Show card: Two Pair
Q Q 7 7 10 16:44:00
adampad Hand result $ 21,460.00 16:44:00

All he had to do was sit still and not try to steal my blind. Why put such an aggresive move when you in the money if you just sit tight? When he bet it at me, I hesitated but remembered that such a bet would represent a marginal hand. So I called knowing I still would be in great shape to finish in the money.

05-15-2005, 01:51 PM
Wait so he went all in with AK and would have needed 2 cards for the straight? ooOOoo


I was playin a freeroll on noble and came in like 8th outta 500.

I had KQ suited, went all in and the other guy had A9 unsuited, I caught a King he caught an ace.

05-15-2005, 04:30 PM
It also shows how people fall in love with AK. They are a strong hand preflop, but after the flop if you don't hit you should proceed with caution not recklessness.