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04-22-2005, 05:48 AM

Hope everyone had fun @ Our First FORUM freeroll at Noble Poker (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=37) . Here's a brief summary of my freeroll expierence. Feel free to chime in with yours!

As 8PM PST finally rolled around (I promise I'll make it earlier next time - 5:30PM PST sound good?) and we all got seated - I was excited to see some forum regulars.... TheCaptainJS, Zero and some others were my first encounters.

As we all got sat - it wasn't long before "bigturk" was busted out with his lower end of the flush and became the first victim of the T4P freeroll. I made a few bad moves chasing my Trips and likely getting stuck by a flush/straight trap and was short stacked the majority of the game. As some forum regulars dropped out (adampad - 35th ,Seifer38 32nd, sivtec - 30th) somehow I remained in it.

One saving grace hand I had was :jh: :10h: which my 500 raise wasn't called by anyone putting me back over the 1,000 mark. Then a beautiful hand came into my paws... :js: :as: Zero , raised it to 400 to go.. I call and checked my pair of aces. Zero went all in and I decided to go for it.

Now when zero flips over :ah: :qc: I was certainly done for. Somehow by the graces of the mechanical dealer - I runner runnered a spade flush to double up and now have 2k.

Don't get too upset at me Zero came back with a pair of 9's and tripled up.

NOTABLE Finish: The Pink Bunny (http://www.pinkbunnypoker.com) Himself CheaterAce finished 20th.

So I made it to the first break - which was my goal. Knowing my inevitable crushing was in the near future.

As blinds began cutting down short stacks one at a time - things started to get interesting.

With 17 players remaining I made a bold call with pocket 8s - all in. My matchup was Pkt Q's.

As you already could tell - they devistated me and I finished 17th.

Nice hand SLOPPY.
Busted me OUT :(

And the Winner of Freeroll #1 is...
1.NPR28371625 ($25)
2.GrumpyMonkey ($20)
3.MustangKid ($15)
4.sss2005 ($10)
5.Kcfoison ($5)

Good Job Everyone ! Leaderboard should be up tomorrow.

04-22-2005, 06:27 AM
I really enjoyed the freeroll,this being my first and me being a new member(as of this evening).I finished in 2nd,picked up $20.00,my #npr28598122 is going to be changed to a variation of grumpymonkey so you can recongnize me next tourny.All in all today was a good day,I did mention that earlier i placed 6th at poker stars in the $1.00+.50 super satellite.Out of 950 something?I picked up $46.00 and a place in the main tournament sunday.So i'm kinda burnt right now and just want to crash til tommarrow,,,

04-22-2005, 01:25 PM
Overall was a great tourney. I finished 3rd and won a few bucks. I was still in the tourney past 1:00 am and was falling asleep lol so yeah next time 5:30 PST would be perfect. Again thanks for working this out for us EG and we'll all be looking forward to then next one

04-22-2005, 02:06 PM
Yea it was great. Early on I lost a large hand but made it back.

I had pocket :tc: :th: , so I called a large bet by someone who was betting big very often.
He had Q 9 Off. It was looking good A x A on the flop, checked all the way and he got a Q on the river.

I made it to 12th, it was late so I went all in with :as: :9s: (I believe I was on the big blind, I was already in the $$ and didnt think I wanted to stay up and try to get 5th or better.

I enjoyed the tourney so much (even though I was trying to fix someones computer during), that if there are tourneys JUST for T4P, I might actually consider putting some real $$ on noble so I can play.

Funny thing is I have limited patience when I play, that and I havent played in a tourney, or even online in ages. I have to learn to hold out longer. I folded hands I would usually play, like :qd: :7d: or :tc: :8c:
If I would have not called with the :as: :9s: I could have held out a bit longer.

so EG, this is a great idea.

04-22-2005, 07:11 PM
I just posted this in the freeroll thread before I seen this one.

It was fun, but I got put early on a bad beat. Had big slick and raised preflop. A loose cannon called. Flop came

I checked it because I knew he would make a play. He went all in as he had been doing nearly every hand. He had already put one or two players out on bad beats. I called, and he turned

The turn comes

and puts me out. Oh well.


04-22-2005, 11:19 PM
LOL! Until I have some more time, you will remain snake champion.

I should have details on another upcoming Tips4Poker exclusive Freeroll for May, and a Private $5 Buy-In Tourney!


04-22-2005, 11:35 PM
LOL! Until I have some more time, you will remain snake champion.

I should have details on another upcoming Tips4Poker exclusive Freeroll for May, and a Private $5 Buy-In Tourney!


Hells yea! May should be plenty of time to double the freeroll cash up. lol I think asked yesterday but don't remember the response, but Noble Poker will be the home of the Tips4Poker tourneys?

04-23-2005, 02:00 AM
Not all of them - it will likely alternate. However, alot of the freerolls will be there because they have an exceptional tournament manager who knows his stuff ;)