View Full Version : Bluffing And Semi-Bluffing When One Player Is All In?

02-28-2005, 03:33 AM
We were playing pot limit holdem. I reraised all in with AK and got two
callers. There was a substantial amount of money in the pot for 25-50 cent
blinds... about 60 bucks.

The flop comes k8x and they both check. Then another 8 comes. And they both
check it. Of course, I am pissed that they don't protect my all-in. I
sarcastically say "you gotta bet, so he doesn't snag his pocket 3's and win.."
The river is a seven and the second to act bets 60 bucks, the other guy folds.
Of course, he has pocket 7's. I am pissed and mumble about collusion. But
after I settle down and admit that collusion wasn;t the issue, I try to make a
case that the first to act had to make some kind of move at the pot after the
last to act checked on the flop. I said that with position and a huge pot, he
showed extreme weakness by not making a bet. BEcause a bet there would be much
stronger than an ordinary bet, because even if it is a bluff, there is less
incentive for the person to call because they may only be playing for the side
pot. But then he argued that he wasn;t sure he could beat me, so why make a
move. And I said, because if you have any chance at all to beat me, you make
the move so he doesn;t have a chance to beat you.

I guess my question is this. DO you bet or bluff differently--less or more
aggressively when someone is all in for a substantial portion of a pot. One
the one hand, you lose bluffing value against the all-in hand and if all-in has
you beat, you're playing for side pot. Bot on the other hand, a bluff is more
powerful because you sort of make the person be a overcaller. Because they
know if they call with a marginal hand that they may be losing the big main pot
which makes the call worth it.

Any insight?

02-26-2006, 10:23 PM
Depends if this was a tournament. If it was, they were upping the chances to bust you out until one actually made a hand. If not, then its odd play to cal with so much and then check.

04-17-2006, 01:34 PM
It always hurts to bust out of a tournament, especially with a premium hand like AK when you hit top pair on the flop. This is just part of tournament poker. When you are all in against two other players they have no obligation to "protect your all in". It is actually in their best interest to hope that one of the other players gets lucky and catches something like that miracle 7 on the river.

I tend to almost always check it down when another player is all in unless I have a great hand and think I might get drawn out on. A lot depends on your chip position as well.

04-29-2009, 04:52 AM
Bluffing - most people already know what bluffing is but I'll spell it out here anyway. A bluff is a bet or raise made in attempt to win a pot despite the fact that you have little or nothing as far as a hand goes. The goal of the bluff is to get the opponent(s) to fold right then. You will lose if they call.

Semi-Bluffing - a semi-bluff is just that, it is a partial bluff with some truth in the play. A semi-bluff is similar to a bluff in that you bet, check raise or raise but a semi-bluff differs in that it has a couple more ways to win then a bluff does. With a bluff a person can only win if the opponent folds. With a semi-bluff you can either win by them folding right then, by improving to the best hand or by catching a scare card and betting them out on a subsequent round.