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03-24-2005, 07:50 AM
PokerRoom.co (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=28)m (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=28) one of the oldest and most respected rooms on the internet has alot going on right now. Pay close attention as this review really has alot to say about the new face of PokerRoom.

There are plenty of ideas floating around in the online poker world about improvements to be made to both the management, software, and structure of online poker sites. However, to this day (5-10years since online poker has been semi-popular) suprisingly only one room has made significant improvements to their software.
The only client to make this changes is - Poker Room (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=28).

Throughout this review I will discuss the main aspects that have made Pok (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=28)erRoom (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=28) not just another "PokerRoom".


Pokerroom is generally accepted as the first room to have support for Linux, Macs, and of course the PC. However, recently they added support for JAVA so you can play on the fly at whatever computer you have access to. Even MORE recent upgrade includes the (http://www.rgtonline.com/Article.cfm?ArticleId=55734&CategoryName=Gaming%20Life)use of your Cell Phone to play real money poker (http://www.rgtonline.com/Article.cfm?ArticleId=55734&CategoryName=Gaming%20Life)!

The main client GUI (shown below) features 3D Avatars and more features than any other pokerroom. It's especially humorous when you find yourself playing against a grandma or man with a womans avatar. Overall, the best graphics of any poker client - hands down.
http://www.pokerroom.com/images/games/p4wi/p4wiInstr.jpg (http://www.tips4poker.com/ccounter/click.php?id=28)
PokerRoom's Upgraded GUI

One exceptional feature of PokerRoom is the ability to recant hand histories in HTML format. As far as I know, no other poker client does this. Simply by clicking the previous hand # (number 1 on the picture) you are linked to a webpage displaying a complete and good looking hand history. A complete list of new features/functions is available here (https://www.pokerroom.com/main/page/games/p4wiRules).


A monumental complaint amongst online poker players is the level of customer service they recieve. Talking to an indian call center that has virtually no idea whats going on let alone can speak english. Does this sound familair? Well, it should if your an expierenced online player. Because - most poker clients utilize these call centers.

Sure, if you do enough complaining anywhere you will eventually get your way. But, it shouldn't have to be like that. PokerRoom actually listened to customer complaints and has had a management overhaul like you wouldn't believe.

From tournament directors to online hosts to even the affiliate managers , I haven't had a bad expierence since the changeup. In fact I can only commend the excellent level of service they offered. Although thats the way it should always be unfortunately it isn't! Don't believe me? Call 1-888-MY-POKER just to say Hi, and talk with someone who speaks your language.


Well I could go on and on about the tournaments - but, you wouldn't understand unless you saw with your own two eyes (https://www.pokerroom.com/games/tournament/). Pokerrooms got about a dozen specialty tournaments going on almost everyday. Now the great part about this is there are 10K and up tournies everynight. So, if your like me and can't make friday/saturdays because you like to go out, then these weekdays make a great substitute.

The limit games are basic and what you could expect from a poker room. The most useful part of the client interaction with the game is the easy to use hotkeys. IE) F1 Calls, F2 Raises, F3 Folds, etc.

No limit was for the most part pretty live. With the loose calling you've come to expect from online poker combined with a bit of expierence from savvy online regulars.

The two SnG (Sit'n'go) tournaments I participated in were the most conversational and interesting I had ever played in. Players were friendly and humble at the same time displaying qualities of a respected poker player. Part of the inspiration for writing this exceptionally good review.

Overall, if your looking for a new room to try out, give PokerRoom a whirl. The odds are you won't look back. They are betting on it with all these great upgrades!

Go ahead and share your expierences with the new pokerroom here!


03-27-2005, 02:13 AM
Its nice to see this site getting an overall. I played there for free a long time ago but never deposited. A month or two ago I saw they had a good bonus promo running but a lot of people on other poker forums had posted complaints about the site so I decided to hold off on playing real money with them.

The last time I checked, the bonus was still relatively high compared to most other sites right now so maybe I'll give pokerroom another try. Thanks for the great review.

04-06-2005, 09:54 AM
Glad you enjoyed the positive review - this place is really getting good.

Curious if anyone who plays on here has a POKAH! account; their little online community? Private Message me if you do.